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Access control technology gives you the flexibility to control access to your building. You can use it to regulate the movement of people into and around facilities, as well as for timekeeping and security purposes. This lowcost, maintained solution helps organizations of all sizes by controlling who enters and exits the building. It increases security and offers the flexibility to set different parameters for access rights, allowing you to tailor the system to meet your needs.

Organizations demand that only authorized individuals have access to their facilities to improve security and safeguard assets. Access control systems can limit individual access to particular areas, but electronic solutions can also monitor the position of people, manage user permissions, and regulate movement throughout the facility.

Different Access Control Systems from Single Door to Multi-Site 

  • Basic systems generally secure a single door with acoustic entry or keypad/PIN devices, while video entry systems are also pervasive. Smaller enterprises and premises often utilize these.

  • Larger businesses typically require monitoring of one or two doors, so they use card readers operated by local door controllers to manage authorization. Schools, retail stores, and small workplaces commonly use these systems.

  • A front-end computer links to a network of door controllers. It allows access to controlled card readers in multi-door and multi-site setups for big offices, industrial units, warehouses, hospitals, and universities.

Biometric technology is incorporated into access controls to provide heightened security by utilizing fingerprints that cannot be copied. In some cases, an iris scanner is used instead of fingerprints.

Smartcard technology utilizes access controls and logging systems, offering versatility beyond regulating admission through doors and inside buildings. Smartcard technology enables secure computer logins and purchasing things without using money.

Firms use time-tracking technology to link payroll systems and assess the reliability of suppliers. Security purposes are more often served by CCTV technology than by monitoring workers and suppliers.

Security Cameras Dallas installs various exterior and interior access control systems in multiple settings, from small businesses to large multi-building complexes. You can reach us at (469) 415-9931 for access control needs.


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