Alarm system installation – Professional or DIY?

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What is the need to install an alarm system?

  1. Help keep theft and robbery in check

In the presence of alarm systems at home, thefts are less likely to happen. The burglar would not want to take the risk of being caught and handed over to the police. If they suspect the presence of an alarm system, they are less likely to commit the crime.

  1. Access to phone

A few alarm systems allow the house owner to survey the house through the cameras on their smartphones. This is extremely helpful for working parents so that they can keep an eye on the child in their absence. 

  1. Lower insurance

An alarm system in the house means a lower risk of theft or intrusion. This will help in getting a cheaper home loan. The insurance company will grant a loan with lower rates because of the reduced risk. 

  1. Fire or gas leakage alarm

The alarm systems come with carbon monoxide detection. They have temperature sensors to detect a fire. In case any of the two is detected, it sends a sound alarm loun enough for anyone in or near the house to hear. 

  1. Protects from intrusion

The system sends an alert if someone tries to trespass by trying to damage the system. 

  1. Helps reduce worry and stress

The safety of oneself and their family is a constant worry. We are always in panic when it comes to our safety. With the help of the alarm system, one can be sure about them and their family’s safety. 

What to look for in an alarm system

It depends on the individual as to what the alarm system they wish to install, and what all must it include. But there a few basic things an alarm system must come with. They are

  • Detectors 
  • Keyboard
  • Hub – The CPU of the system 
  • Sirens 

Other components are customizable

How to install an alarm system

1. Install the wireless home security panel

Identify a suitable like near the main door and close to an electric source to install the kit. 

Hammer a nail on the wall to place the panel or use double-sided tape if you don’t want to hammer the walls.

2. Place sensors and detectors in places around the house.

The system usually consists of a door and windows alarm sensors. It also includes temperature sensors and gas sensors to detect a fire. The system may include motion detectors. 

3. Test the installed alarm system.

Follow the directions written in the alarm system owner’s manual to test the installed system and make sure everything is working properly. If any malfunction is detected, check the connections and make amends.

When it comes to installing an alarm system, you can either do it by yourself (DIY) if you have sufficient knowledge or pay a professional to do it for you. Both methods have their pros and cons. Let us look into both of their pros and cons 

Pros of a DIY installation

  1. It’s Free

A DIY installation has many benefits but the primary one is that it’s cost-efficient. There is no need to call and pay a professional to install it.  Although, you might have to pay the maintenance and service charges. 

  1.  The installation can be done in your own time

DIY installation is very convenient. One can install it whenever they want and find the time. There are no time constraints whatsoever. 

  1. Learn the mechanism

When one installs it by themselves they learn how the system works, where the setup and the components are, and where the sensors are placed. This makes it convenient and easy to fix any errors or problems in the future.

Cons of a DIY installation

  1. Involvement of police is not possible

 The major disadvantage of DIY installation is that it is not eligible for monitoring by the police. According to the regulations, only the system installed by a certified engineer is eligible for emergency backup services by the police. If one installs it by themselves, only them and the nominated contacts will get the app notifications. 

  1. Improper installation

When one decides to install the system by themselves, they must have complete knowledge of the procedure and must be very accurate. Negligence can result in faulty installation which would lead to wastage of time and energy. Even worse, a malfunctioning setup may lead to false and misleading alarms. This can prove to be fatal in crucial times.

  1. Choice of alarm

There are so many options when it comes to installing an alarm. It becomes difficult to choose which alarm will be suitable to install when one decides to do it by themselves. On the other hand, professionals are way more experienced and knowledgeable They may know the different types of alarms and which one would be suitable for your home or situation. Once you explain the requirements, the professional would exactly know which alarm to install. 

Pros of a Professional installation

  1. ARC Monitoring becomes an option

The primary advantage of a professional installation is that the system is eligible for police monitoring. The house can be monitored by an alarm center staffed by police security who will keep a watch and contact you in case of emergencies. This a huge advantage if you’re away and most of the time people’s phones are on silent or are busy to monitor continuously. 

  1. Everything is taken care of

The professional takes care of the entire installation process while you just relax without any worry. When they do it, we know for sure that there no chances of any errors and everything will work perfectly. 

  1. The professional explains the working

When one installs the system by themselves they have to do research and learn everything on their own. Whereas, the professionals already know everything about it and can easily explain it all to you. They answer all your queries about the monitoring, police procedures, and anything else.

Cons of a Professional installation

  1. Cost

Systems that utilize professional installations are expensive.

  1. Scheduling

One needs to make a call, wait for the professional to respond, and make themselves free when the professional comes.

  1. Ongoing costs

Even if one decides to do the installation by themselves, the maintenance and faults in the future definitely will require professional assistance. So, if a professional installs it, they may offer free services or a warranty.


Though a DIY installation has its advantages, it is better to go for a professional installation because one may not have that much knowledge and required skillset compared to a professional. It is better to shell some money and get it done by a professional than investing so much time to do it yourself. 

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