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There is an ever-increasing need for a quality alarm system that can protect your home or business in today’s world. Alarm systems give you the confidence you need, knowing your property is protected against the threat of intruders. When choosing the right alarm system to fit your needs, turn to Security Cameras Dallas. We carry the highest quality alarm systems and provide expert installation with attentive customer service so that you can have peace of mind.


Why Do I Need An Alarm System For My Business?

Having an alarm system helps protect your home or business from the risk of theft or burglary. In the DFW area, we are the most trusted installer of state-of-the-art alarm systems that fit your specific needs, so you can go about your business knowing the people and places that matter the most to you are covered. Regardless of the area, an alarm system can alert the authorities if a break-in does occur and acts to thwart potential theft before it happens.



Wired Vs Wireless:


When choosing an alarm system, you start by choosing either wireless or wired. There are pros and cons for each, and the one you choose depends on your specific needs.



A wired alarm system uses internal wiring located within the walls of your home or business. This internal wiring sends information to the central control panel, alerting it to a set of alarms or notifications when needed. It is less expensive than its wireless counterpart; however, the need to access internal wiring can make installation a large and messy job. A wired system is the most reliable since it gets its power directly from an outlet, and the wires are hidden. If you are installing your system in a new build or during a renovation, a wired system is an excellent option for long-lasting protection you can count on.




Wireless alarm systems don’t require any internal wires, making the installation process easier and less destructive. With a wireless system, you have more control over the features and can often access them from remote locations on your mobile phone. Due to the increased features, a wireless alarm system is more expensive than the wired option, but many choose it for its ease of use. The largest drawback of a wireless system is its dependence on an external internet network. If the network fails, the system stops working, and slow connection speeds mean the performance of your alarm system will decrease.


What Does An Alarm System Include?

Every alarm system has four basic elements, a detector, keyboard, hub, and siren. You can add optional features to upgrade and customize your system, but at its core, these elements are the heart of every alarm system on the market.


– Detector –
There are eight popular detectors available, each offering its own set of features.

– Keyboard –
This is where you enter your code, and it is customizable to support multiple languages.

– Hub –
The hub is the system’s brain, connecting and controlling every element.

– Sirens –
The siren is responsible for all sounds that come out of your system. You hear from the beeping when it detects movement to the loud alert expelled during a break-in.


What Type Of Detector Should I Choose?
As we stated, there are eight popular options for alarm detectors, and each one has its own benefits. Before purchasing your alarm system, you must know which type of detector you want to use so the installer knows which one to use.


Magnet Detector
A magnet detector uses a magnet to sense when a door or window is opened, activating the alarm. It is perfect for rear doors and windows.


Outdoor Motion Sensor
An outdoor motion sensor uses infrared sensors to detect motion up to fifty feet away. It effectively ignores animal movement and is weather-resistant, making it an excellent option for exterior walls on your home or business.


Flooding Detectors
Used to detect a flood or leak, the flooding detector activates the alarm when it senses large amounts of moisture. It’s perfect for businesses, public spaces, and offices.


Indoor Curtain Detector
The indoor curtain detector creates a transparent “curtain” over your windows, alerting you to unauthorized entry. It is suitable for securing any window; however, it may activate with stronger winds or when you open the window due to its sensitivity.


Outdoor Curtain Detector
An outdoor curtain detector is an excellent option when securing large windows or a showcase. It uses infrared lights to detect someone passing through the space, allowing you to open the window without fear of activating the system. Due to its small size, it is easily hidden to ensure a clean appearance.


Active Beam Detector
An active beam detector uses an infrared beam that is activated when someone crosses it. It’s useful in large areas since the beam can reach very long distances.

In Dallas, TX, there is no better company to service your alarm system needs than Security Cameras Dallas. We provide you with affordable alarm systems that use cutting-edge technology so that you can protect your family or business. Our professional and fast installation process is the best in Dallas county, and our 24/7 customer service gives lets you know you’re in good hands.

At Security Cameras Dallas, we believe in reliability, transparency, innovation, and tolerance toward our customer’s needs. For 20 years, we’ve served the Dallas area, and we continue to provide the highest quality service for every customer. Don’t wait another moment, give us a call and let us install your alarm system today!

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