All You Need to Know to Buy a Security Camera System

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If you want to protect your house or any business, take the proper security measures. With the help of cameras, it is possible to keep an eye 24/7 on your property. Not all cameras are built the same, or different types are not suitable for every scenario. So, when installing security cameras, there are certain things you need to consider.

Cameras have evolved in the last couple of years due to technological advancements, and now it provides many features, making them a must-have tool. This article will inform you all you need to know to buy a security camera system.

How to choose the right security camera?

Installing the cameras will not be enough if you do not choose the right security camera.
When looking for cameras, the first thing to do is access your need and find the camera according to that. Do you need cameras for outdoor and indoor use, a camera that works well at night, or want a traditional or modern one with better functions? There are many features you need to consider while buying security cameras. We will discuss this in detail so you can better understand.

1- Smart or traditional cameras

If you go some years back, this would not be a question. But due to technological advancement, now we have to decide between the traditional and smart one.

Traditional Security Cameras

These are the cameras that have been in use all over the world. They are cost-effective and easy to install. The working of these cameras is very simple; you plug in the cameras and will be able to see the footage on the monitor. But, these cameras will not have modern features like remote access, and you need to be available at the place to monitor all the activities. These cameras are not compatible with mobile.

Smart Security Cameras

It is an advanced type of camera with several features like remote access, compatible with the mobile. In some cameras, facial recognition helps to recognize between a family member and an outsider. They have higher costs than the other traditional ones, and nowadays, with change in trends and features, you got smart cameras is the choice of most people.

2- Wireless or Wired Cameras

There are two types of cameras wireless and wired. After deciding which camera type, you need to install that one.

Wired Security Cameras

In wired cameras, wires are used to physically connect the cameras with the monitor. They need power for their work, and in case of a power breakage, you will face issues, so make sure your home has a continuous power supply. They are more reliable than wireless cameras and are difficult to install. These cameras have good quality.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless Security Cameras are a bit more expensive as compared to wired cameras. You can install these cameras easily and no longer need to worry about the wires. These cameras do not need the continuous power of suppliers, and with the help of batteries, you can operate them. A strong wifi connection is needed to operate the wireless cameras. Remote access makes it the most suitable camera in modern days.

3- Indoor or Outdoor Cameras

First, access your requirement whether you need to install the cameras indoors or outdoors. Install indoor cameras if you need to monitor the rooms inside the home. Moreover, for outside monitoring, look for outdoor cameras. You must be thinking about the difference between indoor and outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras have a protective case which protects the camera from harsh weather, like humidity. So, installing the right camera that meets your requirement is better.

4- Storage Options

To monitor the activities, you need to store the cameras’ recordings. There are two options available in the market: cloud storage and local storage.

Cloud Storage

With the help of cloud storage, it is possible to access the recording from anywhere using the mobile. They are considered secure, as even if your camera is damaged or stolen, you would still have the recordings. To get cloud storage, you need to pay a monthly fee. Internet is required for this.

Local Storage

In local storage, you would need a micro sd card to store the recording and access it; it is necessary to present it there. The drawback of the local storage is that recordings will not be safe if you lose the cameras. Moreover, there is a storage capacity of the card, and if that fills up, to record more, you need to delete the previous recording or buy a new sd card.

5- Compatibility

If you want to monitor the house by sitting in the office, buy the cameras that are compatible with the mobile phone. With this help, no matter where you are, it is possible to monitor the house, and in case of any suspicious activity, you can take action. Moreover, also look that security cameras are compatible with the existing security systems like the access control system, alarm system, and video intercom.

6- Night Vision

It is the most important feature to look for if you need cameras for recording in the dark. Because not all cameras can record at night, only cameras with infrared technology would be able to record at night.

7- Video Quality

Security cameras are used for surveillance, and for that, install the ones with good quality. It is
necessary to easily identify the person’s face and, in case of any accident, find the culprit.


So far, you would have understood why security cameras are important. In this article, we have explained all you need to know to buy a security camera system. Seven important factors need to be considered while buying the cameras. If the cameras have those factors, then choose that one. Moreover, access your requirement first, then install the cameras according to that.

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