Top 11 Most Common Business Security Issues And How To Fix Them

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Security Issues

Nowadays, every business has shifted towards the online mode, and they use different technologies to operate the business; technology has also helped in many ways to improve security. But, as there are benefits, there are also some drawbacks we have to face. Here in this article, we will discuss some common business security issue and how to fix them. We can face many problems like data breaches, ransomware, phishing, malvertising, brute force attacks, social engineering, drive-by downloads, inadequate patch movement, no backup plan, etc. Further on, we will discuss each security issue in detail and also tell you how to them so that you can fix your problems and protect your business and sensitive information.

What is a Security Issue?

A security issue is any loophole in your system that hackers can use to damage your system and steal your valuable data, which will affect your business. There are a lot of problems related to the online system, and if you do not take proper actions to solve them, a business will always be at risk.

1-Ransomware Attack

In this attack, the hacker gains access to your data, and you will not be able to access the data. So, in this case, the hacker will demand payment from your to get the description key to access the data. It is hazardous for you as hackers can even share the data publicly, which may affect the business if you do not pay.

How To Prevent?

The best way to prevent ransomware attacks is to have backup data, and in case you face this, you do not have to worry about the data, and your business will run smoothly. Suppose you have to face a ransomware attack; all you have to do is restore the data from the cloud backups. Moreover, keeping the software and system up to date is necessary.

2- Phishing

It is one of the most common and favourite attacks of hackers. If you ever face a cyber attack, then there are chances that it will be a phishing attack. They are devastating for the company if you do not take proper measures to solve them.

Phishing attacks come in the form of emails, and the hacker pretends to be someone you know, and they will ask for personal information from you, and as you trust in the person, you can share that information. The hacker will use that information to harm you.

How To Fix Them?

Phishing attacks are very easy to avoid, and by just taking proper measures, you can protect the system.

● So, the first thing you should do is never share your personal information with anyone.

● Never download anything from the unknown source

● Avoid opening links in the email.

● Always check the timing, request from the sender, and analyse why they demand that information.


We all hate online ads and do not want them. But, lots of websites display them while we are using them. As we are are are are using that website for free, we cannot complain about that. Online ads are created to advertise products, but not all ads are designed for the same purpose. Some use that for malvertising, and they inject malicious code. When we click on the code, we will reach into the malicious websites. They usually target highly reputable websites.

How To Prevent it?

The main objective of malvertising is that they used that for ransomware attacks and tried to steal data. So, the best thing you can do is upgrade the system because you will always be at risk if you have an outdated system.

4-Social Engineering

It includes all of the non-technical ways that hackers can use to gain access to the data. This also includes lying to earn your trust and then trying to access the data. Moreover, they can act like someone like the person from some company, they can claim as a customer. The main aim is to get sensitive information from you, and they will then use that to hurt you. They will try to gain access to certain information as follows:

● They will try to get confidential data

● Get credit card numbers from you

● May ask for the passwords

Social engineering is very destructive for you as you will provide the information they need by yourself, and they can use that to get what they want. It is tough to judge whether they are real people or not. They have been doing this for a long time and have the experience. Suppose someone is acting as a law enforcement officer and is perfect and will ask you for personal information. You will be afraid, and there are chances that you will share with them without hesitation.

How To Fix?

In this case, you have to use the sense to understand whether that person is natural or not. Never share your personal information with anyone. If the law enforcement officer demands that, you can know whether that person is genuine by looking at the person’s body language, and you may ask them about their identity. If someone from the bank asks for your credit card number, you should call your bank and ask them about that person. So, you can only avoid these people by using common sense.

5-Brute Force Attacks

It is simple but effective as it can also cause much damage. In this case, hackers will try to guess the password, and after many attempts, there are chances that they may get it right. So, they will have a lesser option if you have a longer, more complex password.

Due to this reason, you need to be careful while creating a password. Because if you have a common and easy password, then there are chances that it will be hacked. Because with the tools, hackers make possible combinations, and in case you have an easy password, it will be at risk. If the hackers have the password, they can easily access personal information. You can overcome this by changing the password, but in that time, the hackers may have gotten the information they want.

How To Prevent?

The way to prevent this is to create a strong password that hackers will not be able to guess. So, to create a strong password, you need to follow some steps.

● Use a combination of numbers and characters to create a strong password.

● You can use phrases but avoid the common ones

● Never share the password with anyone

● Try different passwords for different accounts

The only way to avoid this is by using a strong password which is not easy to guess.

6-Inadequate Patch Management

Patch management means covering the holes in your system with proper measures. Most companies do not take this seriously, and due to inadequate management, they leave an opportunity to hackers and use that to hack the system. Those websites that regularly release patches do not have to face hacking issues. If you do not take measures, IT security infrastructure will be exposed, and they may face such issues.

● Exposes the business to Cyberattacks

● Due to attacks, the IT system needs remediation, which will affect the business.

● Causes damage to the company’s reputation in case of an attack.

How To Prevent?

The best way to avoid this is to make an effective policy against patch management, and only with the help of this is it possible to prevent cyberattacks. Patch management helps to close the hole before hackers can use that to hack the system. So, with the help of a good team, you can do that as soon as it creates.

7-Drive-By Downloads

Drive-by downloads hide on the website, and when someone uses that website and tries to download, they will inject the codes in the downloads, and in this way, they would be able to hack that person. It is just like malvertising. With this help, it is possible to hack any website, and users would not suspect anything and not have any idea.

How To Avoid?

It isn’t easy to protect yourself using the free antivirus version. To protect your computer, you need to have the proper layers of protection so that they can detect this virus and secure your device. Always keep the system up to date to avoid any problems. Moreover, use only those protected websites because malicious codes have spread everywhere, especially on free websites.

8- Insider Threat

Not only hackers from the outside can harm you, but sometimes your trusted employee from the company can also steal valuable data and share it with the rival company for the sake of money. They use the liberty of your trust, and it is difficult for the owner to identify them. They even have access to the system, and sometimes you won’t even know if they share the data.

How To Fix this problem?

There is not any proper way to avoid this happening. But, there are some solutions that you can take to prevent this. First, do not give access to confidential data to the employees, and try to hire honest persons. For that, you need to do the employee screening before hiring. Moreover, keep an eye on all the activities in the office, and in case you suspect any suspicious activity, take appropriate action.

9- Sensitive Data Leaks

Most companies have the data of the clients as well, and it is very sensitive. Hackers want that data to use for different purposes, so when the hackers hack the company, news also spreads. It will destroy the company’s reputation because the customers will lose their trust and affect the business.

How To Protect?

So, the best way to protect the data is to use antivirus software and not share the access with employees. Ensure you have a strong password, and keep an eye on the employees because they can also steal the data. By implementing all these, you can secure sensitive data.

10-DDoS Attack

Hackers do not generally use distributed Denial of Service DDoS attacks to access the data, but they can be effective when implementing a brute force attack. In this attack, the hacker will prevent access to the use of the sites by flooding the server with traffic. So, it affects the reputation of the website. When the customer would not be able to reach the website, he will be angry. It would affect the business’s profit because this will also affect revenue.

How To Prevent?

It is not easy to stop this as there are no cyber attacks. It will not affect the data but will affect the reputation. The best way to maintain the reputation and keep the websites running is by increasing the servers until you can solve the issue.

11- Code Injection

Code injection is the bug injected into the software to hack that system. So, in this case, malicious code will be injected into those websites that accept the unauthorised source. The hackers will firstly find out the source, and then by injecting the bugs, they can easily hack the system. It is also known as remote code injection.

How To Fix?

The only way to protect the code injection is to make sure the input validation and the application should never use the input directly. Moreover, sanitise all the information so that any code shod be rectified, and you can protect the websites.

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Where we have the benefits of technology, we also have to face some problems. Hackers can hack the system and steal valuable data. So, by using the proper measures, we can protect ourselves. In the article, we have discussed the possible threats you may have to face and the possible ways to keep the system secure. Overall, you can avoid cyber attacks by keeping the system up to date.

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