Top 07 Benefits Of Installing Card Access & Door Access Systems

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Card Access

Every business and company needs protection from external attacks and threats. That’s why there is a wide range of security tools available in the market to guard against these threats. Doors were introduced to protect the premises and make a secure boundary around a house or building. Thus, card access & door access systems are essential for every business.

There are various types of door access systems available in the market. The most popular ones include magnetic stripe card readers, proximity card readers, and biometric card readers. These
systems are used to grant or deny access to a person based on their identity.

Card Access & Door Access Systems

Card access & door access systems are used to grant or deny access to a person based on their identity. Card access is used to read the information stored on a magnetic stripe on a card. Credit cards and debit cards are the most common type of cards that use magnetic stripes. They can be used to grant access to the premises and allow only the users owing a card to enter the building.

Door access systems are integrated into the environment and let the security control the authorization of people. Access control systems for the doors automate the process of people
entering or exiting a premise and make it easy to manage the security and threats.

Assess Your Needs

A security system should contain specific tools that can protect the business from outside intervention or threats. First, try to decide the total number of tools that you need in a security system. When you have the complete list and how you want to protect the business, selecting the tools and making the best security according to your needs will be easy.

Why Do You Need Door security?

Anything can be stolen or is open to threats. However, what you can do to protect it is the main concern. Suppose someone enters the building and tries to steal sensitive information along with valuable items. This will cost a company a lot of money and may have a negative effect on the overall image.

Thus, without good door security, you can’t protect the premises from thieves or threats and may not be able to control the damages. That’s why having card access & door access systems in place is a vital need.


If your firm or company does not have any type of security and the doors are not there to protect any outside entry, how can you protect valuables? Open places can be the best place to attack thieves or robbers. Thus, having card access in place that only allows the person with a specific card to enter the premises is important.


Door access control is widely used and allows the company to decide the people who can have access. These doors can be installed anywhere in the facility, which allows for controlling the flow and type of people. The authorization can be granted or taken from any employee, and a record can be kept in case of any incident.

Employee Security

Not only does it make the company a secure place and protect from losses, but it also makes the employee safer. When the unknown entries are denied, then there are fewer chances of any type of terrorism or robbery. Employees also feel safe when there is enough security measure which makes it better for them to work without feeling insecure.

Types Of Card Access & Door Access Systems


There are various types of card access systems available in the market, and the most popular ones are of three types.

Magnetic Stripe

Magnetic stripe card readers are the most common type of card reader. This type of system uses a magnetic stripe card to grant or deny access. The card is swiped through a reader, which reads the information stored in the stripe. If the information matches the criteria set by the administrator, then the person is granted access.

Proximity Card Reader

Proximity card readers use wireless technology such as RFID that works on infrared rays. They read the information encoded on the card and detect the data to grant or deny access. These types of card readers are mostly used inside facilities to manage the flow of people and grant faster access.

Biometric Reader

The most advanced type of granting access to a door is through biometric readers. These readers work on any physical attribute of the human personality, such as the face, fingerprint, or retina scan. Thus, they are more secure and provide access based on the physical nature of the body.

Benefits Of Door Access Control

You and your business can get plenty of benefits using any type of access control system. Some of the benefits that you get by card access & door access systems are below.

No Keys

It can be pretty hectic, right? Access control systems save you from the hustle of managing different keys for locks. You can get rid of clinging keys and searching for the specific key when standing next to the lock. That’s how the card and door access systems make the work easy for you.

They can be of stripe cards or any biometric identity, which can be used to access the door without delay. Thus, not only does this improve the managing environment, but it also relieves you from the hurdles of managing keys.

Premises Security

The access control systems provide better security against outside threats. Simple locks can be broken using a brick or any heavy object. It provides better chances for the thief or robber to attack the place and cause a loss to the company.

However, with a door based on access control, you can grant only the specific individuals with your choice. No one from outside can access the premises, which allows the company to grow without any outside threats.

Remote Access

These systems also provide remote access, and you can grant or deny people based on your needs. You can control the number of people accessing the premises and add the authorization for new personnel. The freedom of choice was not available in traditional doors, and most you can’t use remote access with card readers. Thus, door access systems have more benefits.

Logical And Physical Options

Unlike traditional doors or locks, new technologies provide the freedom of choosing the type of control. There are two types of access control that you can use to gain access. One is logical, and the other is physical.

The logical access can be any passcode or a phrase that depends on the person’s knowledge. Thus, if a person is authorized, he may have the exact code or phrase to access the premises. However, the other type is physical, which depends on physical attributes such as fingerprint, retina scan, or facial recognition. Cards also lie in this category, and they are easier to manage.

Keep Records

Like other benefits, you can also keep records of when and who accesses the premises. If something is stolen from the inventory or any other place where there are valuable items, you can easily find the culprit. You only need to know when the item went missing, and you can check the records and time for who accessed the premises.

Saves Time

Another big advantage of using these systems is that it saves a lot of time. While in traditional locks, you need to open each door with a key and then close it after entering; in these systems, the doors can be opened using a card or any other type of biometric identity.

This not only saves time but also makes it easier to manage a large number of people. If you have a lot of employees working different shifts, it can be really hectic to manage keys for each person. With access control systems, you can just assign a card to each employee, and they can use it to get access to the premises.

Less Costly In The Long Run

Although these systems may cost you more in the beginning, they are actually quite cheaper in the long run. This is because once you have installed these systems, you won’t need to change the locks or keys every now and then.

Also, if you lose a key, you will need to change the locks, which can be quite costly. However, in access control, you just need to change the authorization in the software.


There are many different kinds of door access systems on the market. Installing card access & door access systems is essential. Card access is a method for reading data from a card’s magnetic stripe. Access control systems automate a facility’s entry and exit procedures for the doors, making it simple to handle security and threats. When sufficient security measures are in place, employees also feel safe, improving their ability to perform without feeling threatened.

With access control systems, you may give each employee a card that they can use to enter the building. By doing this, time is saved, and managing a large group of individuals is made simpler.

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