Commercial Video Intercom System: How it works and Benefits.

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You must have faced several situations when an unwanted person entered your building and stole valuable items. Security would be the main concern if you are a business owner, and to improve that, you should invest in a commercial video intercom system. Moreover, a commercial video intercom system improves security and provides convenience to the staff and owners.

For instance, normally, if you do not have an intercom system, when someone comes to your gate, the security guard will call, and if you don’t know about that person, to confirm that for security reasons, it is essential to come down and have a look. But, with the help of a commercial video intercom system, it is possible to do that by sitting in the office. Keep reading the article to learn more about the benefits and workings of the intercom system.

Commercial Video Intercom System

It has become the need of the hour to take every possible step to improve security because if you don’t, your business will always be at risk. With the help of a commercial video intercom system, owners can restrict the access of unwanted people, and in this way, only people who are allowed will enter the building.

The commercial video intercom system allows owners to keep away thieves, provides safety to the employees, and, most importantly, a convenience to manage the people. For commercial purposes, it is very useful. Owners can share the code with the employees so they can come and go easily. We will discuss an intercom system, how it works, why you need to install it, and how it can help you grow your business.

What is a commercial video intercom system?

A commercial video intercom system is a device that allows us to communicate with visitors and tenants at your doorstep. It is possible to communicate with video or audio, depending on the type of intercom system. You can also connect the video intercom system to the doors so that you can open the locks with the help of the intercom system.

In commercial video intercom systems, there are two types: two-way and one-way video intercom systems. In a one-way intercom system, only the owner can see the video, and in a two-way, both visitor and owner can see each other. It depends on your requirement which one you install, both help to improve the security.

Components of the Commercial Video Intercom System

A commercial video intercom system is a requirement of every business nowadays to keep the building secured from the ones who may harm them. They are made of two basic components.

Hardware and wiring.


For the working of an intercom system, there are two hardware components

Base Station

It helps the visitors to call the owner to tell them about their visit’s purpose. Could you install this at the entrance of your door?

Sub Stations

It helps to receive the call from the visitor, and you need to install this in the building, house, etc. so that you can see the person at your doorstep. The number of substations depends on your requirement.

It would be best to have cameras to capture the visitor’s video and a monitor to display it. In a one-way intercom system, install one camera at the base station and a monitor at the substation. But, in a two-way commercial video intercom system, it is essential to install the monitor and the
camera both at the substation and the base station.


There are two types of intercom systems, one needs wires to transmit the signals, and the other is wireless. Both serve the purpose, but in the case of wireless, you do not need to worry about a bunch of wires, which is the modern one. The base station transmits the signals to substations through wires or digitally. You need the internet to transmit signals in the wireless video intercom

How does a Commercial Video Intercom System work?

The Commercial Video Intercom system helps visitors to call the person he wants to meet. You can install the intercom system in offices or residential buildings. The intercom system will list the people working in the office or living in the building.

Suppose you have a commercial building. There are two types of intercom systems. One allows the visitors to call the front desk, tell them the person they want to meet, and ask for their permission. In the other type, the intercom system has the list, and the visitor can choose the person, call them directly, and the tenant, after asking the purpose of the visit, allows him to enter the building. In a modern intercom system, connecting the intercom with your locks is possible, and you can open them using the intercom system.

A modern commercial video intercom system can connect your mobile to the intercom. When the visitors call the tenants, they will use the base station to transfer the signals, and tenants will receive a buzzing sound. They will receive the call at the substation, and by using the monitor, it is possible to see the video. With their help, you can see the video and open the locks for your custom even remotely.

Compatible with the Mobile Phone

Recently, most companies have used mobile systems to operate commercial video intercom systems. Furthermore, The main benefit of that you do not need to install the substations anymore, and everyone in the building or office has a smartphone. It makes it easier for the tenants and the employees to use the intercom system.


  • The main benefit is that with the help of this, you can save a lot of money as you no longer need to install the hardware substations to receive the signals from the base station.
  • Tenants and owners have the freedom to open the locks remotely, which comes in handy in case you are not home, and some guests have arrived; then, by using the mobile, it is possible to open the locks so that they can enter the home.
  • You no longer need to worry about keys, as you can open the locks with the help of the mobile. If you are the person who always forgets the keys, install the commercial video intercom system to ease your difficulties.
  • You can also see the video using mobile phones as they have a built-in camera.

Why you need to install the commercial video intercom system

The crime rate has increased considerably in the last couple of years. It is the need of the hour to take accurate measures to protect your business and the building from intruders who may harm it. It is possible to stay in your rooms using the substations and the mobile phone. Moreover, with the help of the intercom system, our life has become much easier, as we no longer need to see visitors alone.

Benefits of the intercom system

There are lots of benefits to using the intercom system. Some are as follows.

Keep the thieves away:

With the intercom system’s help, you can track the people who enter or not. Therefore, if you restrict access to only those people you trust, it is likely that you can keep the robbers at bay.

Can see the visitor:

A commercial video intercom system helps to see the video of the visitor, and in this way, you can keep unwanted people away.

Lower the risk of crime.

The intercom system takes a picture when someone enters the building, and in case of any mishap, you can see the picture and time in the data. It creates fear in the mind of criminals, and they would not commit any crime in those areas.

Cost To install the Commercial Video Intercom System.

The cost of commercial video intercom systems depends on several factors. For instance, a
two-way video intercom system will cost more than a one-way video intercom system. It also changes the wired and wireless intercom systems. In the normal range, it generally costs around 1000$ – 6000$ depending on the intercom type and quality. If you are a resident of Dallas, Texas, then you do not need to worry. Our company provides the best intercom systems and helps you to install and improve security. The 24/7 services make us the best among others.


Is it a good investment to install the video intercom system?

If you have an intercom system, you will be safe, increasing the demand for your house. So, yes, it is a good investment.


After reading the article, you would have understood the commercial video intercom system’s working and its benefits. Moreover, If you are in the business and have a residential building, install the
intercom system to protect your business from thieves and other people who want to harm you. Moreover, with this help, it is easy to manage people’s access by sitting in your room with the help of a mobile or substation.


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