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With the increasing crime rate, everyone is taking steps to minimise the threat. The best way to keep the thieves and unwanted people out of the home, business, or any other property is to use the gate intercom system. With that help, you can control the people’s entry, and only the people you want will enter the building. Moreover, another problem people have to face is that when someone comes to the door, they have to go and check whether they want to allow that person on the property. Most people miss their deliveries because they are not present at home. With the help of the gate intercom system, they no longer need to face these issues. Further on in this article, we will tell you more about the gate intercom installation so that you can have a better understanding.

Gate Intercom Installation – How to do that

Gate intercom installation is not a simple process. If you have the knowledge of how to do that, then you can install it yourself. For the people who do not know, here we will try to tell you some basic things you need to know for that.

So, the first thing you need to understand is that there are two components of the intercom system: the base station, which you need to install at the entrance level, and the other component is the substation, which is installed inside the house.

The procedure for installing a wired and wireless intercom system is different. So, you first need to install the base station and connect the wiring to provide the power. After that, attach the wiring with substations to transfer the signals. On the other hand, installing wireless cameras is comparatively simple. All you have to do is install the base station and substations. They use the wifi for the transmission of signals.

Why Do You Need Gate Intercom System?

The gate intercom system is a great tool to enhance security. With that help, residents or business owners can see the person at their doorstep, and by using the intercom system, they can talk to the visitor and ask about their purpose of visit. The Owner can use the button to open. the doors. It would be possible because gate intercom installation is integrated with the smart locks, which ultimately increases the security, and provides convenience. Further on in this article, we will discuss different types of gate intercoms, how they work, and what benefits we will get by instating them.

Working Of the Gate Intercom System

The working of the gate intercom is very simple. When visitors arrive at the entrance gate, they will press the button, and the Owner will receive the notification via mobile or monitor. With the help of the gate intercom system, they would be able o communicate with each other. The base station is installed at the gate and substations inside the house. Using the intercom system makes it very convenient for the owners to unlock the doors. Gate intercom systems are integrated with smart locks. Modern gate intercom systems are also compatible with the mobile, and using the mobile phone can unlock the doors even when you are unavailable.

Types of Gate Intercom System

Three are three types of gate intercom systems.

● Wireless Gate Access Intercom
● Electric Gate Keypad Intercom
● Cellular Gate Intercom System

Wireless Gate Access Intercom

A wireless gate intercom system allows the Owner to control all activities remotely. Owners can communicate with visitors even when they are out of the city and can open the locks using their mobile. Wireless Intercom System does not require cables for their work, and they are easy to install compared to the others. But, there is one problem these intercom systems face sometimes, these systems can be hacked. To protect from all of that, we use the IP intercom system.

Electric Gate Keypad Intercom

An electric gate keypad intercom system is the one in which the intercom system is integrated with the keypad. By using the keypad, visitors can enter the building, and they have to insert a code into the keypad. With this system’s help, visitors’ entry is very smooth. So, all you had to do was share the code with the guests, which they could use to gain access to the property. If they do not have access, they can call the Owner using the keypad, and then the Owner can decide whether they want to allow that person in the building.

Cellular Gate Intercom System

Cellular Gate intercom systems are intercoms that are compatible with the mobile app. With the help of the mobile, you can control the access to your house and unlock the doors from anywhere. It is the most convenient method for most owners because sometimes they are not at the property and need to let someone in the house. With the help of this feature, they no longer need to worry.

Benefits of using the Gate Intercom System

There are a lot of benefits which we will get by using the gate intercom system. Some of them are as follows:

Enhance the Security

The Gate intercom system controls the entrance, and only people who are allowed to enter will be able to enter the property. In this way, the unwanted people and thieves who can hurt you or steal your valuable items will not be able to enter the building. So, by installing the gate intercom system, you can enhance security, and most people nowadays opt for this method because of the increasing crime rate.

You don’t need to worry about missing deliveries

The most common problem the people face is that when they are not available at home, they normally miss the deliveries. Courier boy usually comes into the office timing, and they leave the deliveries at the doorstep in your absence. The package contains available items, and there is a chance that someone will damage them. So, normally you had to request your neighbour to receive the deliveries on your behalf, but with the help of gate intercom systems, you no longer need to worry. When you place the order, you can share the code with the courier boy, and when they arrive, they will use that to enter the home. There are cameras installed at the base station, and with that help, you can see the picture of the delivery boy, and in case they try to steal anything, you would be able to know.

See Who Is At the door

The main benefit of installing the gate intercom system is that you can see the face of the person at the door, and you do not need to come to the gate for that. With the help of the gate intercom system, you will get convenience after checking the person’s face at the door. By using the mobile phone, they can unlock the doors.

Keep Track Record of the people

The gate intercom system records all the people who enter the facility. So, when someone uses the intercom system, these systems will capture that person’s image and record the time. With that help, owners will know when and who enters the house. So, you must be thinking about why you need to do that. The answer is simple: in case of any mishap and robbery, the Owner would be able to find the culprit using the intercom system. So, what will they do? They will look at the persons who enter the building at the time of the accident, and then they will be able to know the person responsible for that.

Help the Owner to communicate

By using the intercom system, owners will be able to communicate with the person who is at the door. They can talk with each other just like we talk on the phone call. The main benefit of that is they can ask about the purpose of their visit, and after asking, the owners can grant access to the person. Visitors when arrives at the entrance door, they will click the button, and the Owner will receive the notification.

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Due to the increasing crime rate, it has become the need of the hour to improve security. With the help of gate intercom installation, you will be able to enhance the security, and people who have installed the intercom system can benefit from that. You no longer need to worry about the deliveries, and with the help of the intercom system, it is possible to open the locks. So, overall it would be an excellent investment to install that because of its benefits.

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