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Outdoor Security Cameras

As the name suggests, hidden cameras (or spy cameras) record their subjects without their knowledge and consent. These cameras may not be visible to the naked eye as they will be disguised as another object. With the rise in security risks for households and workspaces, a hidden camera can be highly beneficial.

Hidden cameras are perfect for capturing footage of any burglary or malicious activities. These cameras are hard to spot and prevent burglars from disabling them. So let us find out how to install hidden cameras.


How to Install Hidden Camera?


Step 1 – Pick the Perfect Spot

The first step to installing a hidden camera is finding the perfect spot to put it. Please think about the area or person you want to monitor. Make sure the camera points directly to this area without any obstruction.

For example, if you are worried about someone breaking into your house while you are away, you can place hidden cameras near the doors and windows. You can point a camera toward your baby’s crib if you want to monitor your nanny or baby. You need a camera to see your doorstep if you watch your deliveries.

Also, You must position your camera accordingly to record clear and crisp audio. You must ensure it is close enough to the speaker and not near anything noisy.

It would be best to place your security camera near the external power supply. Although most modern cameras are battery-powered, some may rely on an external power source.

Hidden cameras have internal storage or broadcast videos through a network connection. If your camera requires a network connection, you can just keep it close to the computer or router it connects to.

Before you finalize the spot for your hidden camera, you must check whether your eye is naturally drawn to the location. Certain areas in your household may attract more attention than others, such as TV sets, paintings, etc. A hidden camera is useless if the target can spot it.

Please ensure the hidden camera is difficult to see, meaning disguise the camera in everyday objects such as coffee makers, alarm clocks, wall hooks, etc. Another critical thing to remember is to ensure your hidden camera is shielded from the elements. If you place your camera outdoors, you must shelter it in a sunroom or screened patio.


Step 2 – Install the Hidden Camera

Furthermore, you should secure the camera with screws to install it properly. Additionally, it would be best to ensure the camera is angled in the direction you need it to look. Finally, you should test the camera to ensure it is recording properly. There are multiple commercially available hidden cameras, each with specific installation instructions. Please go ahead and install the necessary software for the camera to work.

You may even have to download an application on your mobile to monitor and control the camera remotely.

Once you install your camera, could you check its functioning? You can start by waving in front of the camera and testing the recording to see if this motion was filmed. You can mimic a real-world scenario by walking into the room, looking around, and seeing if the camera records all these appropriate cameras camera records with appropriate quality.

Test your camera again in a few hours or after a few days to ensure it’s up and running. Also, post the setup, you will have to perform maintenance occasionally. You may have to switch batteries if the camera is battery-powered. You may have to clear old recordings to make storage space for new ones. You may also have to keep checking whether the camera records seamlessly.




Installing a hidden camera is relatively easy, even for the average person. You must find the right spot and follow the setup instructions.

Hidden cameras are perfect for monitoring your private spaces. They help you track who comes in and their interaction in that space. We hope our guide helps you install your hidden camera.

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