How to choose a security camera system for your home?

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If you are afraid about the house’s security, then security cameras are the best option. It will
help you to keep an eye on, and if any mishap happens, by using the recording, you would be
able to catch the thieves. So, the question is how to choose a security system for your
home. It has become challenging as, with advancements in technology, plenty of options are
available. If you do not know about cameras, then do not worry. This article will try to tell you
everything you need to know.
First, you need to find out your requirement. For instance, if you want to use cameras indoors
and outdoors, then choose accordingly. Other features like connectivity, power, durability, and
camera quality help decide your home’s security camera system.

What are home security cameras?

Firstly, we will tell you what these are and how they function. They are electronic devices that
monitor and protect your home. With the help of this, you can record everything, and when you
are away, you can still keep an eye on your home by using a mobile app that you can connect
with the cameras.

Do I need a security camera?

It depends on your requirement. If you think you are safe without cameras, you do not. But it
would be the best option if you are afraid about security. Moreover, it is always an excellent
choice to take precautions to protect yourself from any mishap, and in my opinion, it is best to
have security cameras. More importantly, if you travel a lot, then by using the cameras you can
have a look at your home, and in case of any emergency, you can call the police. Suppose you
have a robbery in your house and want to track the thief. In this case, cameras will help you. By
using the recording of the cameras, you can identify the criminals, and if they are in the police
system, it would be effortless for them to catch the criminals.

How many cameras do I need?

It depends on the house size and your requirement. In general, we recommend you install the
cameras on the entrance and outside of your home. But installing the cameras at the door
would be enough if you live in the apartments. Moreover, if you have a big house, you install the
cameras facing the garden, and if you want to protect the room containing essential documents
or money, you should also install the cameras. So, it would be difficult to tell you the number of
cameras you need. It changes according to the requirement of every person.

How to choose a security camera system for your home

How to choose a security camera for your home. The first question comes to mind if you
consider installing the cameras. To install the cameras, you need to consider many factors like
the quality of cameras, the location where you want to install the cameras, the quantity you
need, types of camera, connectivity, and whether it is connected to the mobile. Finally, you need
to look for durability and the price. Here in this article, we will give you a complete buying guide
so that you can install the best cameras according to your requirement.

Buying Guide

You need to consider the following features while buying the cameras.


It is essential; for you need to access your budget and buy accordingly. You need to access your
requirements and find the camera with those features that fall under your price.

By location

Types of camera changes if you change your location. For instance, cameras that are for
indoors, you cannot install them outdoors as they cannot withstand the harsh weather.
According to location, there are three types of cameras, which are as follows:
● Indoor cameras
● Outdoor cameras
● Video doorbells

Indoor cameras

Indoors cameras usually have the plugin and require an internet connection, but some connect
directly with the DVR. You should install the cameras facing the hallways and parks. But avoid
the rooms and bathrooms. The camera should face the ground, and you must install it at an
angle covering the maximum area. The price of indoor cameras is comparatively less than the
outdoors, and it costs around 100$ to buy them. If you live in Dallas, Texas, then you do not
need to worry as you can contact the company and have them install the cameras.

Outdoor cameras

As the name suggests, they are used outdoors and are comparatively more costly than indoor
cameras. It costs around 200$ to install them. Why do they have higher prices? Companies
need to build better quality cases to make them able to withstand temperature changes and
damage. Moreover, they are primarily wireless and connected with the mobile through WiFi. You
need to install these cameras at the entrance of your house and should cover the whole area
around the perimeter of the house so that you can notice every activity around your home.

Doorbells camera

You must install doorbell cameras if you don’t want an unknown person in your home. It is the
type of outdoor camera that you install at the front gate. When someone rings your doorbell, you
get notifications on your mobile, and you can see the face of the person. It also can talk to the
person, and you can ask them about the purpose of their visit.
Power source
You should consider that while you are buying a camera, whether you want to power your
camera from the outlet or by using the battery. We will discuss both of them. Each has its pros
and cons.

Wired camera

The main advantage of wired cameras is that we only have to purchase the camera, requiring
no maintenance. But only tithing that people do not like, it comes with the wires and nowadays
people are shifting towards the intelligent homes and do not want to use the cables anymore.
Another disadvantage is that if the power goes out, then, in that case, your cameras would stop
functioning, and your house security will be at risk.

Wireless cameras

Now, there are some batteries available in the market that are rechargeable. They are much
easier to install, and you no longer have to worry about the wires. In case of a power outage,
you would be able to monitor your house. The only disadvantage is that you must replace the
batteries regularly, usually once a year.
Types of cameras according to connectivity
Two cameras are available; one is connected to the wifi, and the other is connected to the hard

Wifi connected cameras

In this type, by using the wifi, you can connect your mobile with the camera and monitor your
home from anywhere. Due to these cameras, it is now feasible for people who are afraid about
the security of their homes when they go outside the town. But you need internet for this

Cameras connected with the computer

If you do not have Wifi, then you can install these cameras. It is more suitable for the people
who are always at home and have hired a security guard to monitor the house. In this camera,
you need to connect the micro Sd card or hardware that will store the data, and when you need
to see it, you can see that on the computer.

Quality of camera

You need a camera to identify the people in case of any emergency. So, you should opt for
cameras that have good quality. You need to look for cameras that can provide quality images,
and the cameras that use infrared LED are best for night vision. Usually, a camera that can give
a rate of 1080 pixels is suitable, as in this quality, you would be able to distinguish between the
facial expression, clothes color, and any actions. You should also look for the field of view while
buying the camera. It tells how much area can cover your camera.


Recording means the ability of the cameras to store the videos. It is an essential factor you must
consider while buying security cameras. It depends on your requirement. In wired cameras, you
usually get storage of 32 GB; if you want more, you can buy the extra hardware. You can use
the 32 GB as long as you want. For this, you need to delete the previous storage.
For wireless cameras, you need to buy cloud storage. You can keep your data as long as you
want, and you can simply download it when you need it. You can get this by usually 4$ per


When people want to install the cameras, the first problem they face is How to choose a
security camera system for your home. So far, you would have understood what features to
look for when buying a camera. If you do not know, you can hire a professional; they can come,
will access your requirement, and will tell you everything you need to know. If you live in Dallas,
Texas, then do not worry. We have got you covered. You can call us whenever you need our
services. Our team will guide you so that you can have a better understanding

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