How to choose the ideal intercom system for your building (Everything you need to know)

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You are concerned about your home’s security and constantly missing the deliveries as you are
unavailable at home. You need to have an intercom system to solve these kinds of problems.
With the advancement in technology, now you can use the intercom system to see the person at
your door, and you can even talk with them and know the reason for their purpose if you do not
know the person. Now, how do you choose the ideal intercom system for your building?
You need to install the new intercom system and want to upgrade the previous one, and you do
not have the proper knowledge to choose the ideal intercom system. Do not worry. Here in
this article, we will try to tell you everything you need to know.

How to choose the ideal intercom system for your building

The first question that comes to mind when you want to install the ideal intercom is How to
choose the ideal intercom system for your building? Firstly, you need to assess your budget
and your requirement. Other features to look for include video intercom, connectivity with the
mobile or not, you need to install for the single apartment or building, maintenance cost,
hardware, etc.

What is an intercom system?

An intercom system is a device mainly used at the entrance of the building. People come to
the main gate of the building, and by selecting a tenant from the list, whom they want to visit,
they need to click a button. It will send a notification to a tenant, and by using the audio or video
call, the user can identify the person and even ask them about their purpose of visit. It also
helps to maintain the security of the buildings. It will allow only those persons who have

How does an intercom system work?

It works when someone is at your door, you would receive a notification, and by using the audio
or video calls just like the typical WhatsApp call, you can talk to the person by sitting on the
couch. Wired intercoms transmit data by wires from one device to another, and in wireless
intercom, data is transmitted by using signals.

9 Features to look for when buying an intercom system

Delivery management solution

The most common problem is that you order something online and they usually come at the
office timings, and you always miss the delivery. The delivery boy often leaves your package at
the door, which is not safe. You had to involve the other people to pick up the delivery for you,
which is a very hectic problem. Now, you can solve this problem by using an intercom system.

You need to look for the intercom system that allows a pin code for the courier boy that
changes every time. So, what would you do, you need to give the access code to the delivery
company, and when the delivery boy uses the code, the intercom will take the picture. In this
case, you can have your delivery package inside your home, and by using the intercom, you
can see the activity of the delivery man on your mobile. If he tries to steal anything, you can see
and act according to that.

Integrations with other systems

The people’s primary purpose when they want to install the intercom system is to seek
convenience. So, you should opt for the intercom. You can integrate with other systems like
smart locks, property management, and access control systems.For instance, if your intercom is compatible with the access control system, you would be able to open the doors and allow the persons you want to with the help of the intercom.

Another essential thing to consider is whether your intercom is compatible with the property management system. In this case, you only have to change the information regarding the tenants in the property management system, and it will also change in the intercom, which will save you time.
If you have an integrated system, you would have total control over the technology, and you can
easily control all your devices with the help of mobile.

Video intercom

Some intercoms offer the video feature; you can see the visitor on the screen or on your mobile.
So, while choosing the intercom, you should consider this if you want to know the person at your
doorstep. There are two types of video intercom systems:

● One way video

● Two-way video

One-way video

In this type, only one person would be able to see the video of the other. It is the best option as
it is economical.

Two-way video

In this type, the tenant and visitor could see each other just like a regular video call and
communicate. Both types serve the same function and allow you to see the person at your
doorstep. It depends on your requirement and what you want to install.

Multiple property access methods

With the advancement in technology, you have multiple options to decide. The intercom not only
allows you to communicate with the visitor, but it also helps you access your property; with the
help of the intercom, you can also open the door of your house. There are lots of ways by which
you can do that, which are as follows:

● Door- pins: In this type, we have a code, which we need to enter the intercom to open
the door. It works simply like the password of the mobile, you enter the code, and your
phone is open. It is the most straightforward method.

● The mobile app is the easiest way to open the lock; you can do this anywhere. In this
type, your intercom is connected with the mobile app, and with the help of this, you can
open the door.

● Facial- recognition: In this type, your intercom identifies your face, and when it matches
the data, the door automatically opens. It is the most advanced and secured type of
intercom, and places that needs-security use this kind of system.

● Audio: You can open the door of your house by using the voice command.

Front-Desk Intercom vs. the multi-tenant intercom

Front-desk intercom allows the visitor to call the front desk of the building, and then they tell
them about the purpose of their visit and which apartment they want to go to. It usually takes a
lot of time.
Multi-tenant intercom allows you to choose the tenant, and you can directly call them and tell
them about the purpose of your visit and then allow you to enter the building. It is mainly used in
buildings that have a lot of apartments.

Multiple access points

Typically, an intercom system allows you to control only one door. But what should you do if
you have more than one door? In this case, you need to opt for the intercom system that allows
you to open multiple doors simultaneously. So, you must be thinking about why you would need
that. Suppose you want to grant access to the guest, so in this case, you need to unlock all the
house doors so your guest can stay comfortable. But, if you are opening the door for the courier
boy, you only need to open the main entrance so he can place the courier inside the house.

Access methods

Usually, the intercom system uses the key card system, but now with the advancement in
technology, the trend is shifting towards the mobile app, and now you can control your house
with the help of a mobile app. Due to this feature, you can see the person at the door on your
mobile and control the doors from anywhere. You can even open the doors of your house from
the office, especially when you order something online, or some guests come to your home.
Now, you do not have to worry about the keys anymore.

Installation cost

You must access your budget, requirement, and then the intercom system. The installation
cost can be in the range of 1500$-6000$, which includes all the equipment costs and service
costs as well. When the functions increase, the price of the intercom system will also increase.

Design and aesthetics

While buying the intercom, if you are conscious of the beauty of your home, then you need to
consider this and choose the intercom system that is perfect for your home according to your
design and color scheme.


I hope you would have understood why you would need to install the intercom system and what
benefits you can get from having an intercom system. To choose an ideal intercom system
for your building, you need to look for the features we discussed earlier and then bought
according to that. If you live in Dallas, Texas, you do not need to worry. Call the company, and
they will guide you about everything you need to know.

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