Network Installation- Everything Your Business Needs To Know About Network Installation

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Nowadays, everything runs on the internet. Our daily use of every item like smartphones, if we have the smart locks, you would also need the internet. So, if you have a business, it does not matter which type; the internet is essential for smooth running because we depend on it. There are some things that you need to follow for the network installation. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know and will try to help you to make a decision.

Network Installation

Network Installation has become necessary for every business because everything operates on the internet. But, for that, you need to follow some instructions. While installing, decide on the network type which suits you. After that, look for the cost, and establish the network according to that. Planning of installation is essential, and find out your need, and install according to that. Further on in this article, we will explain how to install the network, which materials are needed, and the importance of network installation. To understand the components of network installation, keep on reading the article.

Decide on the Network Type

After you have decided to install the network, you first have to determine what type of network you want to install. There are three types available wired, wireless, and hybrid.

Wired Networks

The name indicates that wire is required for internet transmission in this network. The main advantage of using this is that it has a faster speed, and if you have a wired network, then there is no need to worry about security. It is difficult for hackers to hack this kind of network. So, due to this, most companies prefer this type of network. Ethernet cable is essential for this. If you have a larger office, it isn’t easy to run all the cables in the office, and in this case, the other network types have advantages because they do not need cables.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks or Wifi is the type which is mainly used. We use this to connect our mobile phones and laptops as well. The main advantage of that we can connect multiple devices at once. In this network, you can get flexibility and move the devices from one room to another without changing the wifi modem. In other types, it is not possible. They are comparatively cheaper.

But, there are some drawbacks to using Wifi Networks. In this security is at risk, and hackers can hack easily. Moreover, another problem is that speed of the network is slow and can also be affected by any objects like walls, pipes, etc.

Hybrid Networks

Hybrid networks are a mixture of both types. In this, you will use wired networks for those devices that require speed security and Wifi for other devices. It is a convenient solution to obtain the benefits of both network types. This way, security will not be compromised, and you will run devices like mobiles on the Wifi. But, there are some measurements that you need to make this happen. Install the router that operates both networks.

Planning For Network Installation

After deciding on the network type, you need to make some planning, like access to your needs. So, there are some things you need to consider as follows:

How many devices and users do you have?

It is the most important thing to consider in network installation. First of all, you have to access your requirement. If you have a small business and fewer users, then you should install the network that is enough for them. It will also help you save a lot of money because you will install according to the requirement.

How many users are on site, and how many remote?

Nowadays, the trend of operating from the remote has been increasing, and most companies need to look for it while preparing. So, while installing the network, look for that factor and decide.

What type of devices will you operate?

It is an essential factor that needs to be considered in network installation. Some devices run on software that needs high-speed internet. So, it is necessary to install the network speed and type according to that.

What Server Specifications are you looking for?

While installing the network, you would have access to your need and install the Server with processing power according to the requirement. To make this happen, you need to understand your requirement first and then decide.

Functions Of Different Components Of Network

A good network helps to share files quickly and at a better speed. But, for its work, some components function. In this article, we will explain the different parts and their functions.

Modems& Routers

Routers help to form a LAN network where different devices in an office can connect. A modem is a device used to convert analogue signals into digital signals. Most routers have the ability they can integrate with the modems and perform their function so that you do not need to install two different devices.

Wireless Access Point

There is a wireless access point on the modem that you will use to connect computers to give them access to the internet.

Network Switches

Network switches can maintain the traffic, and in this way, they will keep the speed. The primary function of that they will access which device needs more speed, and they will try to maintain that speed which is essential for smooth working. Moreover, with that help, ethernet points will be available, and you can connect more devices to the network.


It is the software that protects the network from any viruses and malware. This software will filter the information that comes in and goes out. With that help, you will get an extra layer of security.


Whether you have a wireless or wired network, cables are essential for the installation. Two types of cables are mainly used: copper cables and fibre optic cables.

Cooper cables are mainly used because of their availability and cost-effectiveness. Copper cables come in different ranges from Cat 3- Cat 8.

Fibre Optic Cable is the future, and due to its durability and ability to transfer data fast, it has been used worldwide. But, it is expensive comparatively.

Installing Your Network

After deciding the types you need, it is time to install the network, but it should be done very appropriately. So, while installing the network, you need to consider some things. Can you install the network by yourself, or do we need to hire a professional? If you want to install the network, there are some steps you need to follow.

Step by Step Guide for Network Installation

Get the Right Materials& Tools

After deciding on the type of network you want to install, you need to look for the suitable materials that are required. So, the first thing you need to do is gather is to arrange the materials before installation.

After getting the materials, grab the tools to install the network. It would help if you looked for the punch-down tool and crimping tool.

Position Your Wall Plates

After gathering the tools and materials, start the network installation procedure. You first need to mark the positions where you need to install the wall plates. Stal calm while installing the wall plates, and do not rush down the process. Install the wall plates at the accessible locations, and make sure that they should not be near the power outlets.

After that, cut holes, and install the wall plates.

Run The cables

After installing the wall plates, you need to run the cables. While running the wires, you must ensure that all the points you want internet are covered.

Set up the Router & Modem

After the cables, you need to set up the router and modem. Place the router and modem in such a place that it covers all the essential points. After that, the plugin will start working.


How much Does It Cost For Network Installation?

The price range can vary from place to place and the type of network. If you install the Network for a larger office that has a higher speed, then, of course, it will cost you a lot. Typically, it costs around 200$ for the cables, and the monthly cost is also there.

Which One are better, wired or wireless networks?

It all depends on the requirement. Wired networks are more secure and have better speed, but wireless networks are cost-effective, and many devices can connect.

What Do We Offer?

If you live in Dallas, Texas, then call our company security camera Dallas. We will help you to install the network. We have a team of experts, and our long list of satisfied customers speaks to our abilities.


Internet is critical because we need that in our daily life for smooth working. So, during the network installation, there are some instructions which you need to follow. After reading the article, you would have understood that. If we sum up all of that, then access your requirements and instal the network according to that. Whether you have a small business or a larger one, you would need internet.

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