Essential features to look for in an outdoor security camera

Security cameras are one of those tools that ensure your home/business premises are super safe and secure. By installing outdoor security cameras, you can be confident of recording the footage of everybody who enters and leaves the premises.

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These cameras have been around for a while now, but it is only recently that technological innovations have made them accessible and affordable. It is very easy to set up these cameras, and their benefits are numerous. This article will be your complete guide to understanding outdoor security camera. Read on to know more!

Decide on the budget

The first thing you should ask yourself is the amount of money you are willing to spend on an outdoor surveillance system. Depending on your budgetary limitations, you will be able to decide on other specifications, including the number of cameras needed, the type of cameras you wish to invest in, etc. 

Being specific about your budget can bring clarity to the selection process. There are outdoor cameras available in a range of prices. Although there are viable options in the cheaper range, they provide recordings of low resolution and may not be equipped with other desirable features like night vision, resistance to cold and heat, etc. 

It is unnecessary to invest in an expensive model, but a decent budget can help you get an outdoor video surveillance system that provides good quality footage. Again, this helps in capturing essential details in case of any unfortunate events. 

What is its field of view?

Simply put, field of view refers to how wide and large a scene the security camera can capture. For instance, if you need to take a look at your business premises’ main entrance, the installed camera’s field of view can play a key role in increasing or decreasing the number of cameras needed. 

The larger the field of view, the higher the area covered by the camera. To put things into perspective, a camera with a field of view of 90 degrees might only be able to produce footage of 80 percent of the main entrance. In case you install a camera that comes with a 130 degrees field of view, you can be sure of 100 percent coverage. 

Does the camera provide HD resolution?

The grainy look of black and white CCTV footage is quite undesirable. Recent technological advances have refined the resolution. The higher the number of pixels, the clearer is the image. The sharpness of the captures is important as it directly reflects the number of details caught. 

A 720p HD camera can be an excellent choice for outdoor surveillance cameras as they can capture great details. Thus, you can identify license plates, faces, and car models that are very important in the event of a burglary, accident, etc. 

Based on your security requirements, you can decide if you need an HD camera or if any camera system with low resolution works fine. 

Night Vision

Even if your outdoors are well lit, you need to decide if your security cameras need to have night vision. To explain it in simple terms, night vision or infrared vision will make recording footage at night easier for the cameras. In case you are worried about overnight access to your business premises, you must go for camera options that feature night vision. 

If you are having a tough time trying to understand if you need this feature, consider our tip. Take a walk around the location in mind where you want security cameras to be installed. Stop in those areas where there might be security concerns. Now, glance at the lighting system, and this way, you can easily understand if your cameras need to come equipped with night vision or not. 

How well does the camera resist weather conditions?

The camera’s resistance to hot or cold weather conditions is yet another overlooked feature in security cameras. Some outdoor cameras can withstand heat while some can put up with rainy and wet climates. Think about the weather conditions in your area and decide if you need cameras built with special attention to resistance. 

Wired or wireless security camera?

Not sure if you require a wired or a wireless outdoor security camera? Carefully glance through all the places where you want security cameras installed. Try to determine if wires could easily run-up to that point. If not, wireless security surveillance systems might be the way out for you. 

If you plan on getting a wireless camera system, you must consider the necessity of a strong Wi-Fi connection that is both fast and stable. This will ensure that your cameras keep working and do not stop recording. However, you can easily avoid the downside to this by installing wired cameras. In case of any internet connectivity issues, wired cameras do not get affected. 

Motion Detection?

Did you know that outdoor cameras are amazing for motion detection requirements? The upside to having motion-detecting cameras in place is that your camera won’t needlessly record hours of footage that prove useless in case of no activity. Instead, these motion-detecting cameras get triggered and begin recording only when they detect movement or any activity. 

Although motion detection is not completely foolproof, the technology is quite sensitive. Local wildlife movements can trigger several glitches in their performance. 

Summing up

When planning to invest in outdoor security surveillance systems, one must take various factors into consideration. With a bit of preparation and forethinking, you can install outdoor security camera that significantly add value to your premises’ security. They are reliable, durable, and potentially prevent crimes. 

Do not forget to consider the weather conditions of your location and your requirements while deciding on the qualities and features you need the camera systems to be equipped with. We recommend you go through the tips mentioned above carefully, and thus, make a well-informed choice!

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