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Burglaries are quite common in the USA, and the primary way to deter them is by installing home security systems. A Residential Alarm System can keep track of who is entering your home and at what time. In the case of trespassing, these systems can set off an alarm or send an alert to the police department.

Some neighborhoods are more prone to burglary than others, and if you are in such an area, a home security system is a must. So, what are the different types of home security systems available? 

In this article, we will talk about four different home security systems. Let’s begin.


Security systems come in various types, each with different functions. You need to choose one for your home, but before that, you need to know the differences, pros, and cons, etc.

Here are the four types of home security systems:

1. Monitorited Security System

This is one of the most popular home security systems available in the market. This system can alert the homeowner, call center, security team, or emergency responders whenever a robbery is detected. 

There are two types of monitored security systems


2. Self-Monitored Security System

As the name suggests, self-monitored systems are those you can monitor and control by yourself. These systems include various sensors such as door sensors, motion sensors, security cameras, and sirens or alerts that call or text your mobile when triggered.


3.  Company-Monitored Security Systems

Company-monitored security systems are operated by a professional organization and personnel. In case of a break-in attempt, an alarm goes off, and you receive a notification on your phone to confirm if it was triggered by accident. If you do not respond, the organization will send the security personnel or police to investigate.



  • The alarms and sirens can scare the burglars and alert the neighbors.

  • Real-time notification in case of burglary

  • You can install and uninstall the self-monitored security system

  • Self-monitored systems are affordable


  • You will miss the notification if your mobile does not have good network coverage

  • It can be expensive if you want to cover multiple areas of your home


4. Unmonitored Security System

Unmonitored security systems work to scare the thieves away and alert the neighbors with their deafening siren. They are not sophisticated, like monitored systems but can still do the job. The alarm sets off when the motion, glass-break, or door sensors are triggered.



  • Good level of security

  • Easier to utilize and operate

  • Cost-effective



  • Less secure due to lack of monitoring

  • Alerting law enforcement is not automated


5. Wireless Security Alarm System:

A Wireless Security Alarm System contains the same components as a wired security system, but it does not have any wiring. These systems detect any changes in your home environment, then alert the homeowners through sirens and alarms. Once the alarm is triggered, the monitoring company will be notified, and emergency responders will be informed.



  • Easy to install, operate and upgrade

  • Harder to disable due to lack of wiring



  • Highly vulnerable to interference

  • Requires a lot of batteries

  • Prone to hacking.


6. Wired Home Security System

Wired home security systems have all components connected to the main control panel. All entry points of your home can be monitored by various security devices. They are more reliable than wireless systems.



  • Extremely reliable

  • Easy to maintain

  • Less prone to hacking

  • Rich in features



  • Installation is quite expensive

  • Can be vulnerable to robbers as they can cut the connection to the control panel

  • Difficult to uninstall


Home security systems are a must, especially if you live in an unsafe neighborhood. Depending on your budget, you can opt for the right security system. However, we recommend monitored or wired home security systems.

We hope our article helped you understand the various types of security systems and aids you in deciding the perfect security system for your home.

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