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Residential buildings must have a security system in place to save their valuables. A sense
of safety is vital these days when there are different theft, murder, and mutilation incidents. This is due to less accountability of the thieves and murderers, and this condition worsens
daily. Human beings crave a sense of safety and live their lives peacefully.

That’s why they have homes to live in according to their desires and are free from the world’s difficulties. What if you someday arrive home from work and all your valuable items are stolen? Or worse, your loved ones are kidnapped? These are some very unusual conditions that people would want to avoid. That’s why security should be your top priority.


Residential Building Security

Buying a new plot and building a home over it is challenging today. You have to face so many expenses until you get your homemade. That’s why most people move towards residential buildings that are separate households inside one building. A home inside one of these buildings is low cost and provides all the primary facilities inside. However, the issue of security remains.

Some investors build residential buildings and then sell separate housing to customers. However, when you buy a home inside one of these buildings, please check the perimeter’s security level. The management is responsible for the overall security of the building and for restraining outside people from entering the area. A residential area should always have security cameras, alarms, and access control systems.


Types Of Threat

There are multiple threats that anyone can face living in an apartment with less security. However, some of them are very common, and we will discuss each in detail so you can understand the depth of the situation. Also, this will help you to decide what type of
security tools are needed for your security.


Murder is a serious concern and does no matter where it happens. But, there are many
chances that it can occur at any apartment or your house. Thus, always ensure they have security tools installed to save your life in case of any incident. Moreover, the murderer doesn’t try to attempt anything if they think they will be caught. The management of
that building has to provide you with better safety and prevent disasters.

Carbon Monoxide

There are several cases of deaths due to carbon monoxide. It is an air pollutant but not one you can bear. Carbon monoxide is odorless and can cause suffocation if inhaled for an extended period. Moreover, you can’t detect if you inhale it because it is invisible
and produces no signs. So, a security precaution to detect these leaks is crucial for your safety.


Other than murder, some people kidnap your loved ones to take a ransom amount. First, they recce the place and its security level and then plan to kidnap someone. To prevent this from happening to you, take crucial measures to secure your home and install security cameras that can alarm you in case of a forceful entrance. Doing this can save the lives of your loved ones and reduce massive stress for you.


Other than the above serious issues, theft is always on the list, whether in a company or a household. The reason is that thieves can steal and sell valuable items to generate an
amount. Every house has some amount of gold or other value worth more than average items.

They are the perfect target for thieves and to protect them. You should have sound security, a system, and locks to prevent unknown entry. Moreover, the residential building should
have security cameras that work at night too.

Vehicle Theft

A residential building has a large area to cover, so having a sound parking
system with night vision cameras is crucial. Not only will it save the vehicle, but it also
makes the entry of unknown people frequent. Numerous cases of vehicles being stolen even in daylight; thus, residential parking is no different. That’s why a camera system
and better monitoring service should be available in the tools.

Package Theft

It is the most accessible type for thieves to execute because the packages are available at the door. Most delivery services place the box at the front door and leave, and thieves are looking to know when they can steal. Usually, this is the easiest way to steal unless security cameras or alarm systems are in place. The alarm can ring when someone crosses the boundary, and cameras can record the activity and the theft attempt.

Security Tools

Now you know the risks you can face inside a residential building. Moreover, you would have considered installing a home security system. But what if you want to build a residential society? Then what type of security would you need to make it safe from the
mentioned threats? We will cover all that in the tools below.

Access control system

There are different security systems that you can use to protect a building and produce
barriers for outsiders. However, the one with more usability is access control. As its name
suggests, it mostly lets you control everything in your security system.

While the system could have many kinds of tools working together, access control provides better insight and command over these tools and make safety functions better. Thus, always try installing an access control that lets you work with other tools and offers features. You
can also create multiple layers of many security tools to get the best out of your investment.


You can install a wireless access control if you aim for the entire building. Wires are
expensive and may be available to thieves to alter some security or cut off the connection.

However, wireless control systems are easy to install and connect with devices and hard to hack. Moreover, they provide many options for merging new tools into the system.


Access control can be used locally on the server and the cloud. Using it on the cloud makes it much easier to handle and allows users to expand their limits. You can have all the data
on multiple devices and control different security options from one place. It will make things much easier and faster to secure any building. That’s why cloud-based systems are becoming
popular and should be used in every building security.

Live Video

You can also have the facility of live monitoring. Live video helps to see the real-time activity and the issues. Security cameras can also record live video and stream it to the security room when installed.

Doing this will help the users focus on anomalies and fix them rather than seeing security footage that is not useful after the incident. It will make the actions faster and safer, giving better security control.

Security gates

Every building, firm, or company has gates, but what is their security level? It is the perfect chance for thieves if it has one easily breakable lock. However, a complete system should be in place for a residential building. Access control, security cameras, and guards
should be used to protect from any unwanted entry. They can prevent thieves, murderers, and kidnappers from specific residential areas.

Surveillance cameras

Unlike every security tool, you don’t need to think about security cameras. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do; cameras are crucial. Never compromise on the quality of the camera and opt for night vision. Buying these cameras will help you in surveillance and monitoring the activity of the whole building.

A security room should be dedicated to tracking the camera footage of the building. They are easy to install and less expensive when compared to other security tools and offer better control of threats.

Door and window sensors

You should also install alarms at every sensitive place. Moreover, there are different sensors that you can install in doors and windows, which alert you in case of any intrusion. If you are not at home and someone tries to open the door, they will start the alarm and notify you of the
anomaly. Thus, they are a good investment and are mostly easy to install. You can add multiple
layers of security easily by using sensors.



Anyone living in a less secure apartment is susceptible to various threats. Some of them
are incredibly prevalent. You’ll need to figure out the kind of security tool you need for your security. There are many instances of theft, murder, and kidnapping. Try implementing a security
system to prevent all these things in your residential building. For example, try to install access control and live video surveillance that helps to view current events and problems. Additionally, alarms can be installed on windows and doors to notify you if someone tries to break into the building.

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