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Technology has changed a lot of things and made our life easier. The locks are also changing, and new locks are technology oriented. Due to smart lock, our life is convenient, and according to the reports, smart locks are more reliable as compared to traditional locks.

If you want to get rid of a bunch of keys, and you are that person who often forgets the keys and has to deal with these conditions regularly, then smart locks are the best choice for you. These locks are easy to operate, and you can open them with a mobile phone. If you’d like to know more about smart locks, their benefits, and their drawbacks, please keep reading the article.

Smart Locks

Why do you need to install smart lock? The answer is simple, these are easy to use, and if you have to spend extra money for your comfort, it is not a bad option. These locks can be opened by codes, voice, facial recognition, etc. These locks are safer, and if someone tries to enter forcefully, you will get an alert notification on your phone. You must think that traditional locks also serve the same purpose. Later, we will discuss this in more detail, so you understand better.

What are smart locks?

Smart locks need a physical key; you can open them using the smartphone. Some locks have a keypad, where we need to enter codes to open them. With technological advancements, smart lock can be operated with voice and facial recognition. You need to replace the whole system completely for some smart locks, but some can be converted into smart lock with modifications.

Working of smart locks?

To understand the working of smart locks, first, understand the working of locks. When we enter the physical keys, it rotates the pins inside the locks holding the locks, and we enter the home. Similarly, the battery operates this function in smart locks, which rotates the pins to open the locks. These are connected to the smartphone via the internet and Bluetooth, and we can open the locks using our phones.

Connects with the Mobile Phone

The function which makes it different from others is its ability to connect with the mobile phone, and you can control your locks remotely. You no longer need to worry about the keys; even sitting in the office, it is possible to open the locks. Smart locks use the internet and Bluetooth connection to connect with the phone. This function makes smart locks convenient and must have in the modern world. In case of any emergency, you can get an alert notification on your phone. With that help, you can protect your valuable items from thieves.

Benefits of Using the Smart Locks

To protect our valuable items, we need to maintain security. It can be done with the traditional locks, but smart locks offer more benefits and help us to keep an eye on the house. Here we will discuss the benefits of smart locks.

Remote Access Via Mobile Phone

You would wonder why you need to open the locks when you are out of town. There can be several reasons to do that, but normally we can benefit from this function on two occasions. Smart locks are compatible with the mobile phone, which allows us to control the locks even when we are out of town or sitting in the office.

Firstly, when you are out of town and some guests arrive at your house, and not want them to leave. You can use the mobile phone and open the locks in this situation. Secondly, people usually face this situation. When they order something online, it is not possible to receive the order, or your delivery boy leaves the order at the doorstep, which is unsafe. Smart locks would be the option to solve your problems.

Get Rid of Keys

Suppose you are one of the people who often forget the keys and cannot enter your home. The best thing to do is install the smart locks; you no longer need to worry about the keys. It is possible to unlock your door and easily enter the home using the codes and mobile phone.

No need to Change locks

You can still enter the home using the spare keys when you lose the keys. But house security will always be at risk, and someone can use the key to steal valuable items. To keep the house safe, people have to change the locks. But in the case of smart locks, if you ever doubt someone knows the codes, you must go on to the settings and change the code. It will save a lot of money and time.

Alert Notifications to Lock the Doors

Suppose you forgot to lock the doors, and someone enters your home. It will be like a piece of cake for the robbers to steal. Due to the hectic daily routine, it has been happening, and people usually forget to lock their doors. But if you have to install the smart locks, it will no longer be a problem. You can lock the doors by using the mobile. When the door opens, smart locks pop up a message on the mobile phone, reminding you to lock the doors.

Keep a record of the people

You can assign different codes to different people and will receive a notification when someone uses the code. You will have complete control over your house. If someone stole, you could check who comes to your house. Unwanted people will stay out, and only people you trust will enter.

Integrate with other devices

Smart locks can be integrated with other devices like alert alarms and an intercom system. With the help of the intercom system, you could communicate with the visitor at the doorstep, and by using the mobile phone, open the locks. Moreover, if you connect the locks with the security alarms, in case of robbery, it will alert the security so that they can take action.

Create Custom Rules

When you install the smart locks, many options are available, like it is possible to lock the doors automatically at a certain time, and if all of the houses are integrated, lights will be shut when you close the front door.

Use with one touch

Suppose you have laid on the bed at night after a very hectic day, and suddenly you remember that locks are unlocked, and it is very difficult for you to stand up and check the locks. If you have smart locks, it is possible to check that by sitting in the bed, and if they are unlocked, doors will be locked by using a simple touch on the phone.

Provides more safety

No need to worry anymore. According to the recent crime reports in America, those houses with smart locks are less targeted by the crimes than the others. The reason is that it is difficult to open the smart locks, and in some cases, if you even try to do that forcefully owner will receive a notification if you have integrated your whole security system.

Drawbacks of using the Smart Locks

If we look at the advantages, then we can neglect its disadvantages. There are some drawbacks you can face if you have smart locks.

Smart locks run on the battery, and it is necessary to replace it after 8 to 9 months, depending on the battery’s quality.

● They are expensive to install. But you can also find expensive locks that will not have that quality, and your house security will be at risk.

● To function properly, smart locks need good internet, and in case of any issue, they will not function properly.


How much do they cost?

If you install the smart locks, you can get 300 – 500$, depending on the brand and quality.

What should we do if smart locks are not working?

Sometimes, we face these situations due to poor internet or system failure. Most smart locks have a physical key that can be used in this situation, or you can call a professional to help you.

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So far, you will know how smart locks work and what benefits you can get. Of course, there are some drawbacks. But if we compare everything, overall, having smart locks would be a great investment. It will protect the property, and secondly, you can have multiple factors that make the smart locks best to use remotely and keep track of the people. If you do not have smart locks, it is time to install and increase your house security.

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