Swing Gates Turnstiles – What Are They And How Can They Benefit You?

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Swing Gates Turnstiles

Swing gate turnstiles are a great option for businesses looking to limit access to certain areas of their location. They are made up of two or more swinging arms that swing open when someone places a card or key in the reader.

You can use them to restrict access to a single door, multiple doors or even an entire hallway. Many different types of swing gate turnstiles are available today, each with unique features and benefits.

What Type Of Swing Gates Turnstiles Are There?

There are four different types of swing gate turnstiles:

Manual Swing Gate Turnstile

This turnstile is opened by hand when it is time for someone to enter or exit an area through it. It has a swinging arm that swings open when someone comes up against it while trying to go through the area with their belongings or other items they wish to take with them. This type of turnstile is not very common because it requires someone to be there at all times to open and close the gate, which can become a challenge in some situations.

Automatic Swing Gate Turnstile

An automatic swing gate turnstile is much like a manual swing gate turnstile, except that it is powered by electricity or another power source instead of someone manually opening and closing it.

This type of turnstile is usually used when many people are going through the area at one time, and someone needs to be there all the time to open and close the gate. These turnstiles are also very common for use in airports, train stations and other public places where many people regularly pass through.

Electric Swing Gate Turnstiles

Electric swing gate turnstiles have an electric motor that powers their rotation in either direction. The most common type of electric swing gate turnstile is the economy version which uses a simple push button to open or close the gate. These gates are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, but they do not have much flexibility regarding height adjustment or other options.

What Are Their Uses?

Swing gate turnstiles are most commonly used as security devices at schools, hospitals and retail stores. However, they can be used in various situations where it is necessary to control the flow of people entering and exiting an area. This includes airports, train stations, stadiums and other public facilities that require controlled access.

These turnstiles are used by businesses to control who has access to certain areas of their location. Moreover, they are often used with other security measures such as keypads and cameras to maximize security at a reasonable price.

Most swing gate turnstiles operate using RFID cards or keys and biometrics such as iris or fingerprint scanners. Combining these three technologies gives you complete control over who has access to your Business while only allowing authorized individuals through the door. They are also used in private residences where only certain people can access the property. This could include gated communities with their security personnel or apartment buildings where only residents have keys for entry into common areas such as parking garages or laundry rooms.

Different Sizes Swing Gates Turnstiles

Full Height

These are used for pedestrian traffic and may have one or two channels. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on the application. They are like the height of a door covering the area from top to bottom.

Half Height

Smaller versions of full-height turnstiles can be installed indoors or outdoors. They are often used at supermarket entrances or other places where there is no need for full-height turnstiles.

Wicket Style

This small version of full-height turnstiles provides access through a small opening in the middle of the unit. This type of entry control equipment is commonly used at schools and retail stores where one operator controls only one traffic lane at any given time.

How Swing Gate Turnstiles can Benefit Business

Swing gate turnstiles are a great way to control access to your facility. Swing gate turnstiles can benefit businesses in many ways, including:


The swing gate creates an obstacle that makes it more difficult for people to enter or exit the premises without proper authorization. This can help protect against theft and vandalism.


Swing gate turnstiles are very efficient in controlling crowds, reducing bottlenecks and waiting for lines at entrances and exits, and reducing traffic congestion around buildings.

Cost Savings

Swing gate turnstiles require less maintenance than other security gates because they have fewer moving parts and do not need much repair after use by large numbers of people every day.


These turnstiles allow patrons to move quickly through the entry point without waiting in line for someone at a manned booth or kiosk because they automatically open when someone approaches them with a card or badge that has been authorized for entry by the building’s security system.

What Do They Cost?

The cost of swing gate turnstiles depends on the size of the gate and the number of people that need to pass through it at once. For example, if you have an average-sized doorway, you should have a budget of nearly $2000, but it can vary depending upon multiple factors. If you need two swing gates or more and your doorways are wider than four feet, expect to pay more for each unit.

What Can We Offer?

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The bottom line is that installing swing gates turnstiles can save you money rather than purchasing and installing individual turnstiles. There are many different types and designs of swing gates, so it depends on your particular needs and requirements rather than the market trends.

However, suppose you are looking to reduce the overall cost of your access control setup while maintaining a certain level of security. In that case, it makes sense to look into purchasing a swing gate turnstile.

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