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telephone entry intercom Systems

If the world was an adaptation of the notebook and all of us lived in white houses with big porches wrapped around them, then you wouldn’t need to know what telephone entry intercom Systems are. However, most of us don’t live like that, and a significant world population lives and works in apartment buildings.

That’s where the issue arises: how would you know when someone is here to see you? Even if you knew, it would be quite the trouble to take the elevator or stairs down multiple floors to let them in, right? That is where Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems come in.


What are Intercoms and Telephone entry systems?

An intercom is an intercommunication device that enables two-way audio and video transmissions in medium-sized, less populated communities and buildings. Telephone Entry Systems (TES) are communication systems operated via telephone lines that also double as property access devices between residents and visitors of residential and commercial buildings of large scale.


Types of intercom systems

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and the same statement in technical terms applies to Intercom systems as well. While they all serve the common purpose of communication and convenience, some bring more to the table. Some of the familiar types of Intercoms are as follows:


Wireless Intercoms

This particular type of Intercom used radio frequencies like Wifi or Cellular Data connection to function. It can allow audio and video communication between two parties depending on its band.


Wired Intercoms

As reflected by its name, wired intercoms require physical wiring to power them and allow access to all relevant devices like your door locks. The extent of wiring is different for every Intercom, depending on its make and uses.


Audio Intercoms

These intercoms enable audio communication between visitors and residents of a community and building. Some may also have a feature that allows residents to allow visitors access to the property.


Video Intercoms

The components of a video intercom include a camera and an LED display that allows video transmissions and audio communications between the two parties.


Types of Telephone Entry Systems (TES)

A Telephone Entry System is used in larger communities with a wider spread and more densely populated neighborhoods. Its common application is in commercial and residential buildings, gated communities, and other similar establishments and has multiple uses.

It uses a telephone line to allow visitors to communicate with their visiting residents. As for the residents, it is the second name for convenience as they can verify the visitor’s identity and buzz them into the property with one tap on their smartphone apps. For the property in general, it enhances security by only allowing authorized visitors inside.


Difference between Intercom and TES systems

While the two are mainly similar, Intercoms and Telephone Entry systems are divided by some key fundamental differences.

Intercoms are stand-alone devices that only need to be wired to power the device and connect it to relevant components. Telephone Entry Systems, on the other hand, rely on telephone lines to enable communication.

Intercoms better fit smaller buildings and less populated communities. Telephone Entry Systems suit larger communities and buildings with many residents and tenants. Intercoms require an external hardware unit to allow property access to visitors. With Telephone Entry Systems, you can do so through your TES smartphone app. Video Intercoms allow video transmissions; however, Telephone Entry systems allow the same as an inbuilt feature.


What are intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems used for?

All of the primary uses of Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems are the same: Communication and Access. The two devices may have differences but serve the same purposes in said order, the first being communication devices. The two allow residents and visitors of a property to communicate via audio and video transmissions.

The second use in tow is the property access feature. Both Intercoms and Telephone Entry systems allow residents to allow authorized visitors access to the property. While the method may vary from keys and PINs, both serve convenience purposes.


Benefits of Telephone Entry Systems vs. Intercom systems

The two communication systems share their similarities and advantages, which are as follows:



You don’t need to hire a security guard! Depending on the size and number of residents on your property, you can install an Intercom or Telephone Entry System and only allow visitors you authorize inside and keep the creeps out.


Easy Access Controls:

An Intercom or TES saves you the trouble of going down multiple floors to collect a package or bring a friend to your place. With an Intercom, you can just buzz a visitor in, and a TES takes it up a notch by allowing you to manage access via a smartphone app.


Smart Property:

It is an intelligent property manned by smart yet old-school technology in the form of Intercoms and TES.It makes your building and community a good place to rent for residence or commercial purposes. also, It is a property value booster.


Cost friendly:

With an Intercom or a TES, you can save the otherwise mandatory expense of a security guard or a receptionist, as it takes their job.


Disadvantages of TES and Intercom systems

Reliance on Power:

Intercoms and TES depend on a power source and stop functioning in case of a power outage, causing residents to be locked in and out of the property.


Reliance on Frequencies:

Both communication devices may mix up signals in case of inconsistency in radio frequencies.



What is the Intercom on the phone?

Intercom on phone module allows the user to access the intercom line through the phone. The device in question needs to be in an active state for that.

Where are intercoms used?

Offices, commercial spaces, residential spaces, and warehouses are some spaces where intercoms are used.


What do We offer?

If you have decided to install the intercoms, and telephone entry systems call the security cameras in Dallas. We have been working in the Dallas region for the past 10 years. Our team will provide the best services, and helps you to improve your security.



While the telephone entry intercom Systems have advantages and disadvantages, they are useful and essential devices in multi-resident/tenant buildings and communities. If you live in one, installing one may make many things easier and enhance overall property security. So, it would be a good investment to install the Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems.

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