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Intercoms and telephone entry systems are helpful for communication between different areas of your home or business. Intercom systems allow you to talk with others in your home or office, while telephone entry systems allow you to communicate with people outside your home or office.

What Are Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems?

Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems are communication devices that allow you to communicate with people in other locations. These systems can communicate between rooms or floors of buildings and between buildings. You can also use intercoms between vehicles and people on foot or between vehicles.

Different telephone systems are available, including analog and digital wired, wireless portable handsets, and headset models.

Types Of Intercom Systems

Intercoms allow two people who cannot see each other to communicate via a loudspeaker. An intercom can be used in homes, businesses, and schools. Some intercoms can also be used as an entry system by allowing visitors to call into a home before they are granted access to the property. The different types of intercom systems available include:

Traditional Wired-In Systems

These use wires or cables between the rooms, which need communication links. The wires may go from room to room within a building or one building to another over long distances (100 meters) using a radio antennae or satellite dish on top of each connected building. These connections require power to operate correctly, so you will need an electrician if you don’t have one installed.

Cordless Remote Control

This type is similar in appearance but does not require wires between rooms. Instead, it uses infrared light signals sent over short distances up to 50 meters from the base unit, allowing it to connect with other devices, such as televisions/audio equipment, within range.

Digital Door Entry Intercom

As well as allowing communication between two parties separated by distance, this type has added features such as video cameras and motion detectors. Hence, no one needs to worry about letting anyone into their homes because they know exactly who is there.

Types of Telephone Entry Systems (TES)

There are several types of Telephone Entry Systems (TES), each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some are more suitable for certain businesses than others, so it’s important to consider your needs carefully before deciding.

You’ll first need to decide whether you’d like a standalone or networked system.

Standalone & Networked Systems

Standalone systems mean all the hardware is installed in one location. In contrast, networked systems allow users from multiple locations to access the same system through remote connections such as the Internet or telephone lines. A standalone TES can be cheaper than a networked one because it doesn’t require any additional equipment outside of what comes with your initial purchase.

However, you’re planning on expanding at some point. In that case, it is better for your business to have all employees have access to their terminals rather than having everyone go back through reception whenever they want something done or checked on by management.

Difference between Intercom and TES Systems

Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems (TES) differ in functionality and applications. TES enables individuals to communicate with those outside the premises, like delivery vehicles or service providers.

An intercom system, a door phone, or a visitor handset is used to communicate with visitors at your front door or gate. When a visitor presses the buzzer on the intercom panel, you can see who’s there via the camera lens (if one is installed), talk to them through the speakerphone, and open your door as soon as they’re ready to enter.

You can also remotely control an electric lock on your gates. Press a button on your keypad or mobile app to unlock it remotely—no need to get up from what you’re doing.

What Are Intercoms And Telephone Entry Systems Used For?

Intercom speakers and TES systems are useful for communicating with people in different rooms or floors. They can allow visitors to contact reception or delivery staff to speak with security or the building’s reception team.

Alternatively, use an intercom system so your staff can communicate with each other from different departments within the same office space.

These systems are also useful for communicating with customers via a telephone entry system (TES). If you run a shop, hotel, or restaurant, having an easy way to contact guests when they arrive at your establishment can significantly improve their experience.

Benefits of Telephone Entry System (TES) vs. Intercom


TESes have many benefits over intercom systems. You can use them for video communication, access control, intercom, and paging. Intercoms only have one purpose: to allow people to speak with each other.

The key benefit of an intercom system is that it allows you to speak directly with whoever is at your front door and grant them entrance into your home if necessary. This allows for a more personal interaction than possible with a telephone entry system, which relies on a phone call instead of face-to-face communication with the visitor outside your front door.

A telephone entry system can offer better security than an intercom system because it allows you to see who is outside before opening the door — even if they don’t have access to your building yet and aren’t standing in front of it yet.

The Disadvantages of Telephone Entry Systems &

Intercom System

The disadvantages of intercoms and telephone entry systems are as follows:

  • They are expensive.
  • They are difficult to install.
  • They take up a lot of space.
  • They are not reliable.

What Can We Offer?

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Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems have been used for many years to help keep your home or business safe and secure. They allow you to hear who is at the door before answering and let visitors know when someone has arrived so they can be escorted in without waiting outside. Many types of intercom systems available on the market today offer different features depending on what each customer needs.

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