Top 08 Measures You Can Take For Pharmacy & Drugstore Security

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Pharmacies and drugstores are an essential part of society as medicines are a need of every
human being. These stores contain expensive medicines, and the earnings per day can be substantial. We can get sick and acquire the prescribed medicines from the pharmacy. That’s why pharmacy and drugstore security is essential.

However, thieves or robbers may enter the store may find nothing, but why let them in? You have a choice of checking everyone during their entry to the store using the metal detectors. The pharmacies that ignore the security requirements of the store have to bear a heavy loss through robberies and burglary. Moreover, shoplifters are also increasing in number; that’s why the medical industry only faces a loss of billions of dollars in theft.

Pharmacy & Drugstore Security

Pharmacies are the only way of getting medicines through prescription outside of a hospital. The sales of a pharmacy exceed billions of dollars; that’s why they are a target for thieves and robbers. Although you can install a low-security system that may repel some thieves if the store is large, a better pharmacy and drugstore security system is needed.

You can install cameras and alarm systems to make the store more secure for the customers and the employee. However, these two devices can’t protect your store if your income is above average. Thieves are clever, and they know who to target. If they have selected your store, it’s
because you have low security that they can bypass. Thus, pharmacies and drugstores always try to have standard security that can tackle any attempt.

Why do Pharmacies Need Security?

There are multiple reasons why pharmacies need security, and the most common is theft.
However, we will talk about all the issues that drugstores face so you can be best prepared for
the situation.

Theft And Robbery

The most common type of problem every business or firm faces is either robbery or theft. You can lose a large amount of money or profit due to these attempts as the inventory contains so many valuable items. That’s why there are many options available to stop these attempts by people and make the premises secure.

Thefts are common, but robberies need good planning. If your store does not have enough security, it will be very easy for the robbers to take advantage of the situation. That’s why always make sure you have the best system in place to prevent threats.

Checkout Scams

The scams that occur at the checkout counter are low in quantity, but still, they cost the store. Whenever there is more public at the counter, thieves try to get away with all the medicines. If the exit door is near the cash counter, it will be really easy for them to leave with the drugs. Thus, a camera system is essential for these types of situations.

Employee Theft

Other than customers or external theft attempts, the internal workers can damage the profits of the store. If you are hiring new workers without checking their background, you may end up
giving jobs to thieves. Doing this will not only make it challenging to identify the thief but also make your profits go down without even finding a cause. That’s because employees are familiar with the store’s work and can easily find flaws in security.

Drug Addict And Conflicts

Other than thieves that want to steal medicine from the inventory, drug addicts can also play their part. Most people are craving some specific medication that they can’t find anywhere except in the drugstore. These people are not medically ill and try to get the medicine without a
prescription from the doctor.

As it is illegal to give medicines without a prescription, there can be conflicts between the
workers and the customers. That’s why proper security should be in place to handle these incidents.

Security Measures

You can select from a wide range of security options that are available in the market but
designing one specific for your drugstore will be the best value. That’s why we have compiled a list of the most used security measures worldwide for pharmacies so you can design the best
system for your store.

Access Control

Access control makes it easy to access different premises depending on the authorization of the person. You can use this system to protect some of the most essential medicines. Once you
give access to a specific number of people, you will know when the item went out of stock. It will also prevent the employees from stealing the medicine as they know their name and time of access are registered into the system. Access control not only maintains a proper flow of access but also keeps track of personnel. Doing this will reduce the number of theft attempts and make the environment safer for everyone.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are, without a doubt, needed in every drugstore. Due to its great feedback and results, they are a life changer for stores that needs security. Cameras are relatively very easy to install, and they are also affordable, which will not affect the budget of the store. Moreover, the signs of security cameras can reduce theft attempts to a large percentage which is really beneficial for the store.

Moreover, you can use night vision cameras to monitor outside activity. They can also be used to monitor the activity at the checkout counter or which customer leaves without paying the bill.

Physical Barriers

Some medicines require protection when a pharmacist is not present at the counter. People can try to take medicine when no one is looking. Thus, the medicine that is expensive should be kept under a physical barrier. The barrier can be a gate, locker, or grill specifically designed to protect the medicines. Although it costs less, it gives good results in keeping the medicines safe
from thieves or addicts.

Alarm System

An alarm system is as vital as medicines. No one can give their full concentration to the people 24/7 to see if anyone is attempting theft. However, alarm systems make it easy for you, and you can install them anywhere also with other security devices. Whenever any intrusion is observed, the alarm system rings and also notifies through applications. It makes it really easy for the
employees to understand the situation and react accordingly.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are another security tool you can use to layer your security. These sensors detect any type of motion and alert the specific personnel. They can be installed inside the inventory or the medicine storage, and whenever there is an intrusion, the alarm will ring to notify the movement. However, they are not so good when working alone, but the safety can be
exponentially increased when merged with cameras and alarm systems.

Trained Staff

A little training should be given to the workers of the pharmacy as they can identify specific people with odd behaviour. Although they should not get in an emergency situation if they can identify people who can be suspects, it will save time for the authorities to arrive. For example, if a person is just wandering inside the store observing everything, he may be planning a theft attempt. Thus, basic training for the employees can go a long way, and the proactive approach
can save you from many incidents.

Panic Button

A panic button is typical in stores, and it can be installed under the counter. They are silent alarms for the authorities so that they know something is happening at that place. Whenever a robbery situation starts, the employee can press the panic button, which can be used to send a
signal to the nearest police station, and the faster authorities know about the incident, the better. That’s why panic buttons are important for businesses, especially the ones that involve a counter, because having a counter gives a better option for hiding the panic button.

Time-delay Safes

You should invest in the time-delay safes as they allow you to keep expensive and IA medicines inside the locker. The main feature is that they don’t open instantly. Once you enter the correct passcode, you have to wait for a specific period of time until it unlocks. You can select the time duration according to your store.

It will prevent thieves from stealing the medicine, and if it is set to a higher number of minutes, police can arrive before it unlocks.


Due to the fact that everyone needs access to medicine, pharmacies and drug stores are important components of society. Pharmacies that disobey store security regulations suffer a great loss as a result of robberies and break-ins.

There are many options available to prevent these attempts and secure the area; otherwise, it
will be effortless for the thieves to exploit the situation if your store doesn’t have adequate
security. Make sure you always have the best pharmacy and drugstore security system in
place to guard against threats from these kinds of incidents.

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