5 things you need to know about Touchless turnstiles, aka handicap-accessible gates (ADA)

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Touchless turnstiles are handicapped gates operated through our retina or face detection lens. It is used as an entering gate that people don’t need to touch, and it will automatically open by your face.

Touchless turnstiles are called turn gate automated gates, baffle gates, gatelines and turnpike. The core purpose of introducing this system is to avoid viruses or pathogens contamination through gates as it is touchless. COVID-19 is the most significant example to understand it. Roughly 20 people per minute could pass through the turnstile gates.

Optical barrier Turnstiles, swing barrier Turnstiles, Full-height Turnstiles, Drop arm or Tripod Turnstiles, and Waist height Turnstiles are some examples of Touchless Turnstiles. It is of different heights and shapes,, but the primary purpose is to avoid spreading germs, among many others.

Characteristics of Touchless turnstiles

Prevent virus spread

As it is understandable through the name, turnstiles work on touchless mechanisms. When people don’t actively use door knobs to open the gate, there is a minimum risk of spreading any virus, especially COVID-19.

Enhance security

Touchless turnstiles operated through a face detector. So here comes another significant benefit of security. When people pass through the gate will easily be detached through the machine if any unusual or suspected activity is being monitored.

Gathering check

When there is any public gathering,, you can keep a detailed check on the population count. If enough people have entered through the gate as per your space required, you can block further entries.

Social distancing

At a time, only one person could pass through the gate generally. So this is an excellent strategy to maintain social distancing, mainly during the global pandemic. In this way, it will be helpful to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Works automatically

Here is a remarkable thing about touchless turnstiles that are operated through machines entirely. No human involvement is here to verify entries. Once you provide the concerning data to the device, the rest is processed by itself.

Advantages of touchless turnstile

Body temperature measurement

Touchless turnstiles not only help to provide security but also helps to detect the body temperature via wrist or thermal camera. It is beneficial in case of virus spread. If a person suffers from fever, he will be caught at the entrance; then, he will not be allowed to enter.

Fewer expenses

Although it is costly when purchasing, it facilitates you in multiple ways. No more human help is needed to find out who is coming and leaving. No more long written entrance records are required as all of these roles will be played by turnstile very efficiently.

Improve security

Where it lessens the cost of human labor in return, it also provides the most vital security. Keep a detailed record of every entry. No one could enter without an entry pass or biometric detail. It would help if you had a retina detection, entry card chip, or detailed information before entering the system.

Mark Attendance

Attendance hustle is a real problem if you are an employee at any company. Turnstile can scan all the information of a person passing through it.

Disadvantages of touchless turnstiles


Due to high technology, the cost is exceptionally high in the case of customized models. The material used in it is highly technical and requires a lot of difficulties so it will definitely affect the price as well.

Sensitive to weather conditions

In terms of weather sensitivity, some models are not waterproof. Rusting could occur,, due to which the tripod could break. So, it is a general observation that turnstiles are used indoors only.

Damage easily

Gates are sensitive to shapes. If illegal or forceful entry happens, it is easier to break. Swing gates have comparatively less resistance than tripod turnstile gates.

Less reliable

Its sensitivity to weather conditions and extreme force events, makes it a less reliable product. It is a more sensitive issue when we compare it with the cost of a a turnstile gate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a turnstile?

The primary purpose of turnstiles is to provide security as it will only allow those people whose data is already provided via biometric retina detection whatsoever. Pathogens contamination control is the bonus benefit we could take through touchless turtles in a time of the global pandemic such as COVID-19.

How do I choose a turnstile?

The only thing to consider while buying a turnstile is to check the level of security you need. If it is not too strict and tight, the the waist height turnstile will work for you. If you require strict control, then go for a Full height turnstile.

What are security turnstiles?

Tripod or waist height turnstiles are used for security purposes as it controls the entry and exit of people. If the concerning number increases,, then it will inhibit further entries.

What is a type of control system in turnstile?

A control system in the turnstile is a gate through which only one person can pass at one time. A security checkpoint can detect in detail information of a particular individual in this way. It is used everywhere in the world, and it is the best way to keep a check on every person as it goes through every possible information of everybody through a biometric system.

What We Offer?

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So, that’s all about touchless turnstiles you need to know. Surely now you could understand the security purpose of turnstiles and the bonus benefit of avoiding virus contamination. Mainly it has multiple types according to your security requirement; you can choose one for you. It works through your retina or biometric detail. So it helps to provide high-end security even in highly occupied events.

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