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Security has been a significant concern for every home and business owner. So, it would be better if you took appropriate actions to solve them. Suppose someone came to your doorstep, and you do not want that person to enter the property. But, you still had to check by yourself. So, installing video intercom systems is the best investment to avoid all of these problems. Now, you no longer need to go and check by yourself; all you have to do is check on the monitor or mobile. Furthermore, in this article, we will talk about the video intercom system, how it works, and the benefits of installing video intercom systems.


What Are Video Intercom Systems

A video intercom system is an electronic device that helps communication between the visitor and the owner. One device is installed at the entrance point, and visitors need to click the button when they arrive. The other device is placed inside the house, and owners will receive a notification on the mobile. Using the video intercom system, they will be able to talk to each other, and the owner can ask about the purpose of the visit. And if they want to allow that person into the building, they can open the lock using the mobile. Video Intercom Systems are integrated with the locks.


Types of Video Intercom Systems

In the market, there are generally two types of intercom systems available. One-way video intercom system and two-way video intercom system.


One-way video intercom system

In a one-way video intercom system, only owners can see the visitor’s video, while the visitor will not be able to see that. In this system, cameras are only installed at the base station.


Two- Way Video intercom system

In two- way video intercom system, both visitors and the owners will be able to each other, and they can communicate. Two cameras are needed for that. One should be at the base station and the other at the substations. While in modern times, mobiles are mainly used, you no longer need to buy cameras because all smartphones have built-in cameras.


Components of the video intercom system

Video intercom systems are the need of the hour. It helps us to maintain security. Two primary components are essential for the working of video intercom systems.

  1. Hardware
  2. wiring



Video intercom systems have two essential hardware components: base station and substations.

Base station

The base station is the hardware component that needs to be installed at the entrance gate, and when the visitor arrives at the doorstep, they will communicate with the owners with the help of the base station. For two-way video intercom systems, install one camera at the base station.


This hardware component will receive the call from the base station, and the owner will communicate with the help of that the visitor and ask about the purpose of the visit.


On the base of wiring, there are two types of video intercom systems. Some intercom systems need wires for the transfer of signals. While some needs wifi for the transfer of the signals. These types of video intercom systems are trending; with their help, you can see the person at your doorstep by using the mobile.

How Does A Video Intercom System work?

The working of an intercom system is simple. It helps to communicate between the owner and the visitor. So, you must think, why do you need to communicate with the visitor? The answer is simple for security reasons, you need to ask the person about the purpose of their visit.

So, when a visitor comes to the doorstep, they will use the base station, and cameras at the base station will capture the picture of the person, and after that, they will transfer the signals to the substations. It will alert the owner that someone is at their doorstep, and by using the substations, they will communicate with the person. Video intercom systems also allow you to communicate with the help of audio as well, and you can talk to the person just like we talk with each other on the phone. After asking about the purpose of their visit, the owner can open the lock using the video intercom systems because they can also integrate with the doors.

Why Do You Need Video Intercom Systems?

If you are facing the issue that an unauthorized person is entering your property, you need to install the video intercom system. The crime rate has increased considerably in the last couple of years, and you need to take better actions to solve this. Moreover, in the modern world, people want convenience, and with the help of video intercom systems, they get that. Now, they can sit in the office and room and check the person at the doorstep. Keep reading the article to understand more about the benefits of video intercom systems.

Benefits of the Video Intercom System

There are many benefits of using video intercom systems; we will discuss each in detail so that you can better understand.

Increases the security

The main benefit of using the video intercom system is that it will add an extra layer of security, and thieves and unwanted people that can hurt you or steal valuable items will not be able to enter the building because they do not allow the unauthorized person. Video intercom systems are trending, and every household and business owners now have a video intercom system.

Provides convenience to the customers

Even though it improves security, most people prefer video intercom systems because, with that help, they can see the person at their doorstep by sitting in the office and on the couch. Suppose you are sitting in the office and have a visitor you do not want to meet. In this case, firstly, you must check the person because you cannot simply say no. After all, sometimes the person can be important. For that reason, it is better to install video intercom systems to check the person quickly.

Helps to receive the deliveries

The most common problem people face nowadays is that sometimes they order something online, and at the time of delivery, they are usually in the office. So, they most often miss the deliveries, or either deliver boy leave the courier at the doorstep, which is risky because someone can damage the products. The latest video intercom systems have the option that they can create a temporary code for the delivery boy, so they can use the code when they arrive. The video intercom system will capture the person’s photo, so in case of any issue, you can use that.

Secure the building by creating the guest code

Suppose you are out of town, and some guests arrive. You need to allow them inside the house.
Video intercom systems allow only that person who has access. So, it maintains the security of the home. But it also has the option that you can create a guest code, and people who have the code will quickly enter the building.

Touch Free Entrance

It would not be a topic of discussion in the past, but due to the recent pandemic, people prefer to have a touch-free entrance to avoid germs. With the latest video intercom systems, it has become possible. These intercom systems use the voice, face, and QR code as the keys to open the locks, and in the rented building, all people can enter without fear.

Compatible with the mobile

The latest video intercom systems are now compatible with the mobile app because people can access the video and control that remotely. So, if you are not even present in the house, it would still be possible to know the person at your doorstep with the help of a mobile phone. Moreover, due to the mobile connectivity, you do not need to install the camera in the substations, which will save a lot of money because all smartphones have a built-in mobile phones.

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Video intercom systems have become the need of the hour. It improves security and helps the owners easily check the person at the doorstep by sitting on the couch. So, installing video intercom systems would be a good investment. It will not only improve security but also increase the house value. With the help of these systems, you can communicate the visitor and can ask about the purpose of their visit.

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