Why do you need Self-storage facility security systems?

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People trust the storage facilities that their items will be saved there. If you are in a business of self-storage facility security systems and could not protect your customers’ items, you will soon be out of the business as people will lose their faith. So, the question is, how can you improve the security of self-storage? Do not worry. We will try to tell you everything you need to enhance the security.

You need to take specific actions to maintain security like security alarms, CCTV cameras, proper lighting, motion sensors, and weapons guards. Finally, you need the electric gates that allow only authorized persons. Further on, we will give you a complete guideline about how you can implement these solutions.

Self-storage facility security systems

They will only use the self-storage facility security systems if they believe you will take care of your items. You can rent a locker or container to keep your things safe in a self-storage facility. It is trendy nowadays. You can use this system when you do not have enough space to keep things. The best way is to rent a storage facility. You must take proper action when you receive the money to keep things safe from thieves.

You can install the cameras to keep an eye on the people. Moreover, motion sensors help you to detect any unusual activity, and access control systems limit the access of unauthorized people. Furthermore, proper lighting and trained security guards also improve security. To learn about it in more detail, keep on reading.

Why do you need self-storage facility security systems?

When you are in the business of storing people’s essential things, you are responsible for their safety. Here are some benefits you will receive if you have good security.

Attract customers

In this business, faith is the pillar, and if you can achieve that, you will get more customers, and your business will flourish. People usually store important things and want to be in peace when they hand over their items. To keep their faith and protect their items, you need to maximize the security so that no mishap occurs.

Avoid legal issues

When any mishap occurs, and you lose the items of your customer, then you would be in real struggle and have to face legal issues. When you sign a deal with the customers, it says that you would be responsible for everything and that you had to pay the customers in case of any robbery. Sometimes, customers drag you into the court and demand more than their original price, and you would be helpless in this case, as you have signed the agreement. So, to avoid all these complications, you need to upgrade the security of self-storage.

Reduce insurance costs

When you upgrade the security of your self-storage, you can have the insurance at a minimum price as the insurance companies will be satisfied with your arrangements. You must be thinking about why you need the insurance. It will be very beneficial in case of robbery, and you can claim the money from them, which will help you to cover the cost of your customers.

Eight solutions to improve the security

So far, you would have understood the benefits of self-storage security. Now, we will tell you how you can improve security. We will discuss everything one by one in detail to better understand you.

Perimeter fencing

Fencing is an essential step that you need to do to secure your area. In this, you can use wires or other materials to make a fence to help keep the thieves out of the building. You need to do this so that you cover all the areas. But, do not overdo this, and do not convert your place into a prison.

If you have arranged the other security measures, you do not need this, but it is better to have a fence, especially in areas where the chances of getting robbed are high. If you have faced any mishap, you should upgrade this and connect the electric shocks if someone tries to enter forcefully. But, you need to make space to allow the cars and other activities to carry on to run your storage center.

Alert alarms

You need to install security alarms that will help you to catch people in case of robbery. How this
system works. In this device, when someone tries to enter the security facility forcefully, any activity that is not normal will activate the alarms and generate a loud voice. Security guards at the facility will receive notification and can take proper actions.

Moreover, you can also connect your mobile with alarms, and in case of any emergency, you can take appropriate steps and even catch thieves. Sometimes, due to the loud voice, thieves can be scared, and they would try to leave the property as soon as possible. You can directly connect the security alarms with the police emergency, and in case of any emergency, you can get help at a suitable time.

Access control systems and gates

To improve the security of your facility, the best way is to limit the access of the people and try to keep the people who you do not trust can improve the security. For this reason, you can use electric gates allowing only authorized persons to enter.

Moreover, access control systems are the advanced type that only open with codes, fingerprints, and facial recognition. You can select any one of them according to your need. The thing which makes it stand out is that with this, you can keep track of everyone who enters the storage center. You can limit people’s access by sharing the codes with those who need to enter, and you can trust them easily.

Ample lighting

Lighting is an essential factor in security. You need to maintain the appropriate lighting to provide a better experience to the customers. Self-storage security facilities are open 24/7, and people can come and go anytime when they need things. So, when they arrive at night, they will feel secure if you have proper lighting. Moreover, if you have ample lighting at night, you would be able to keep an eye on everyone, and if someone tries to enter the facility, you would know.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are typically used for high-level security along with other devices. The name suggests that this device will detect the motions. It is programmed so that if any suspicious activity occurs in the facility center area, it will detect and notify the security management so that they can take proper actions.

The area of the facility is enormous, and you would not be able to keep an eye on all the sites with a man’s eye. You need a device that can help you to improve your security. Sometimes, it can miss any motion, so you still need additional security measures to protect your storage facility.


The most used way to keep an eye on your property so that in case of any abnormal activity,
you can take action. In this system, you need to install the cameras all over the place so that you can keep an eye. While installing the cameras, make sure you use the angle covering a large area. Most importantly, you must install the cameras at the exit and entry places and the locations with the essential items.

You need a security room and some man to keep an eye on. In this system, security guards keep a look, and in case of any emergency, they take appropriate actions, and if necessary, they call the police. Cameras also record everything. So, unfortunately, if you face any mishaps, you can check the recordings and even help you catch the criminals.

Select a safe location for the facility

While building a storage center, you should consider which place is suitable. If you can find a location near the police station, it is the best location as thieves will be afraid. You can check this by looking at the site’s previous records, and if you find out that the crime rate is high, then it is better to shift your location to a safer place.

Security guards

If you are in doubt and are afraid that your facility center is at risk, you should hire trained security guards. On-site available security guards are the best way to improve security. But, I would not recommend this as it is very costly.


So far, you would have understood that security is an essential element, and if you cannot maintain that, you will soon be out of the business. When we think of the storage center, the first thing that comes to our mind, will our products will be safe in the facility center. If you are looking for self-storage security facility systems, do not worry; there are companies in the DFW (Dallas, Fort Worth) that will cover all your needs and maintain your security.

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