07 Things That A Parking Lot Security
Should Include

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Many business or companies have their own commercial parking lot. It helps the employees and
customers store their precious vehicles inside the facility. But what happens if an incident of car
theft happens? How will it affect the image of your company? These things are of great concern;
that’s why parking lot security should be in place.

A company stands tall on their rules and discipline, and if there is any type of theft inside the
facility, it can create negative publicity for the firm. If you are protecting the company’s building
but leaving the parking unsafe, it will take just one incident to destroy your reputation. So before
it is too late, try to install a better security system to tackle any theft attempt inside a parking lot.

Parking Lot Security

Would you ever want to lose your favourite car because the parking lot wasn’t secure enough?
Well, it has happened to people, and they regret parking their vehicles in less secure places.
What if the people think the same about your parking lot? But that can be fixed by taking certain
measures and protecting the premises with good parking lot security.

Parking lots are essential for every business, and some need a parking lot for their licence.
Thus, companies should focus on providing good safety to their customers. What if the
customer is happy with your service and when they leave they find their car is stolen from
parking. It will create a negative image of your company and seriously affect the profit of your

What Can Happen Inside A Parking Lot?

There are many incidents that can happen inside a parking lot, such as theft, accidents and
violent behaviour of people. All these things concern a company that owns the parking lot.
That’s why we will go through each of them one by one and give you the specific solutions.

Theft Or Damage

No place is safe from thieves as they always find a way to steal things. But in the case of
parking lots, it is difficult for them to steal a vehicle. However, as it is a valuable item, they try to
do it. Would you want that vehicle to be yours, right? That’s why good security is essential inside
a parking lot which can surveil each person inside the premises.

Moreover, people can enter the parking lot and may damage the other cars with or without
intention. If there is often damage to the vehicles inside the parking lot, it will degrade the image fast.

Violent Activities

Parking lots are an easy target for violent customers as the facility has fewer people than
average places. Rape and other criminal activities can occur, and the need for a security system is vital for these types of sites.

Moreover, people can do drug or drug deals inside the lot, which can bring harm to the company once the police know the meeting point. However, all of this can be prevented just by using a better security method to take place these activities once and for all.


Accidents can occur anywhere, no matter the place or security; however, you can control them
up to a limit. Low lighting conditions can cause accidents as the place inside the lot is
congested. Moreover, any bumps are slides inside the parking space can cause accidents.

Lighting conditions and signs should be improved to fix the issue.

Improving The Parking Lot Security

There are many ways to improve security, whether it is a company, building or parking lot. That’s why you can get it done with fewer security tools. However, this depends on the parking area
and how it is built. The slides, structure and lighting conditions can really help reduce the need
for accident control.

But for safety measures, we need to consider the security tools, and we will discuss each one in detail.

Assess The Parking Area

The first thing you need to do about the area is asses the facilities and determine the structure.
Driveway, entry and exit routes should be considered, and possible threats should be identified.
After you have threats in mind, plan according to the situation to cater for the problems. You
have many options in security to prevent those incidents from happening.

Camera Surveillance

Cameras are the most basic and effective type of security system that you can install. They are
easy to operate and instal and come at an affordable cost. Moreover, they can monitor each
activity inside the parking lot, which alerts the thieves to forget about their intentions. No one
wants to have their mugshot in life, and cameras can remind thieves.

However, they should be installed in good lighting so they can catch each activity in high definition. Other than keeping the thieves away, they are also good when it comes to making
your customers feel secure.


Would your drive to a parking lot in the dark where you can’t even find the directions? No? The reason is simple if you aren’t able to see anything, you won’t feel safe. Lighting is vital for the parking lots as it helps the drivers through the hall and lets the security see the insides.

If there is less lighting inside the place, security cameras also tend to perform less and can’t catch faces in good resolution. That’s why a parking lot should have lighting pols of 20 feet in
height that can illuminate every corner of the area, and that’s how you can prevent multiple crime activities inside the premises.

Parking Access Control (RFID)

Access control systems are a life saver for facilities that have a lot of people going in and out. The main reason for its installation is its automated control and authorization. When entering the parking lot, there is a checkpoint which should have access control instead of human personnel.
The reason is simple, the access control makes the process faster and keeps a record of the person as well as the time.

Tags are also used with a new technology which allows you to have a seamless experience on
parking or on toll plazas. The scanner checks for the tag and allows access based on its unique number. Thus, the information is saved, and permission is given to the user.

Employee Training

The staff of every field should be trained to tackle different incidents. In the case of parking lots, the worker can see abnormal behaviour or if someone is trying to steal a car. All these conditions do not require the staff to handle the situation by themselves as it may cause a threat to their lives too.

That’s why staff should be trained for a specific situation and should be able to identify any type of anomaly inside the premises so that the condition can be solved in a proactive approach.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensors come in really handy when it comes to parking lots. As discussed above, low lighting conditions can affect the camera performance, and that’s why they can be paired with
other security tools such as cameras to detect the anomaly. Whenever a motion sensor is
triggered, the camera can be focused on that specific location. That’s why they can be installed at places that can be the blind spots for cameras.

Security Personnel

Even when you have installed all the security tools, there is still a need for human personnel to handle the situation the right way. Mostly the cameras can allow you to monitor the activity, but
they can’t alarm you before something happens. That’s why a security room is needed with security staff to monitor each activity inside the premise and take action before anything happens.

Moreover, they can also take care of thieves by themselves as they are trained to work in these types of situations. Signage Different signages can be used inside the parking facility to allow drivers to be safe and prevent accidents. The signages can be rules or instructions at the entrance or turn to make the best flow of driving possible. Doing this will improve the overall safety condition of the parking and make people understand that the company takes care of the customers.

However, they can also help with theft and damage. Most thieves drop their idea of stealing items once they see the camera signs. You can install signage for your different security devices, which can prevent incidents from happening.


Theft, accidents, and aggressive behaviour of people are just a few of the many incidents that can occur inside a parking lot. That is why having good parking lot security that can keep an
eye on every one there is crucial.

Moreover, slides, buildings, and lighting can all significantly lessen the need for accident control
and lighting poles with a 20-foot height that can illuminate the entire parking lot are required.
They are effective at making your customers feel secure in addition to preventing thieves. Also,
cameras can be directed to a specific area whenever a motion sensor detects movement, and
with the presence of security personnel, you can keep an eye on every activity inside the facility.

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